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The 25 Best Striper Surf Lures of All Time

Posted on: January 26th, 2013

Trying to narrow down hundreds of striper surf lures to the top 25 is like trying to name the 25 best rock ‘n’ roll songs of all time. The list changes based on countless variables, like time, place, atmosphere, and most of all, personal preference. Just as there are no definitive best rock ‘n’ roll songs, the lures here largely reflect my opinion as a devoted surfcaster and will surely be debated. But consider some factors used in the selection process.

In picking this list, I didn’t just look at which baits generally catch the most fish, or which have caught some of my biggest bass. That wouldn’t even begin to narrow it down. Surfcasting for stripers is steeped in history and tradition, and filled with stories (legends even) about these fish and the men who chase them. A proper listing of the best-ever lures needs a nod to that history and must give deference to the lures that “changed the game,” the lures with origin stories that are shared often among surfcasters as they wait out the slack tide, and the lures that tempted not just large, but legendary striped bass.

Naturally, I had to include some newcomers, too. Technology has played its part in producing lures that after just a few years on tackle shop shelves have proven themselves invaluable to surfcasters. Whether you like the old-school classics or the new-school favorites, having these lures in your surf bag will up your chances at striper glory.

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