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Feinstein calls for banning more than 150 types of firearms during dramatic press conference

2nd Amend.

Feinstein calls for banning more than 150 types of firearms during dramatic press conference

California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein staged a dramatic press conference Thursday on Capitol Hill with 10 weapons at her side and unveiled legislation instituting a government ban on more than 150 types of firearms, including rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Flanked by other anti-gun liberal lawmakers, including New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, Feinstein announced the introduction of the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2013.”

The legislation being pushed by Feinstein — who has long history of calling for gun bans — would prohibit the sale, transfer, importation and manufacture of certain firearms.



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  • Work2SnowSki

    Right, when she gives up armed security and her weapons, then tell me your plan.

    • Arthur Mackey

      You are so on point with this statement and I say when every Government Official gives up armed security, then the citizens of these United States who have a God given Right and Constitution to back it up ALONG WITH A CONSTITUTIONAL ACT, THE DICK ACT OF 1902 TO KEEP OUR WEAPONS AND THE RIGHT TO BEAR THESE ARMS IN SELF DEFENSE ACCORDING TO A CONSTITUTION FROM 236 YEARS AGO and upheld by The Supreme Court !

      • 63Marine

        The communist Feinstein will get hers in the end. If the Washington clowns think they can get away with trying to take our guns, they are in for a big surprise. They need to take a lesson from Adm. Yamamoto after he attacked Pearl Harbor. He chose not to attack America’s main land because he felt there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. This IS true today.

        • violater1

          Are we ready to kick some ass 63marine! Siemper Fidelis marine and Lock and Load sir! Give no Quarter for they will give none!

  • Duard

    This Gary Hall is as much of a Christian as I am a nuclear physicist. Gay marriage, anti-Israel, pro-abortion. If your idea of Christianity is the Loonitarian Church, Gary’s your boy. Spread the word.

    • CyclingFoodmanPA

      I agreee. A real Christian is Doug Giles. Doug Giles would eat Gary Hall for a snack. Gary Hall is one of the wussies that Doug mentiones in his emails on

      • Joel Shane Nunley

        I agree with you regarding the above guy, but since when is Doug Giles a Christian? He’s as bad on the right as the above loony tune is on the left. You can’t be a Christian by hating and promoting hate (on the left hating unborn babies and conservatives, on the right by hating liberals, gays, illegals, etc.). You can be a liberal and hate, or a conservative and hate. But you cannot be a Christian and hate. God is strong, not weak. But it is His kindness that leads us to repentance. Doug Giles is a guy full of hate, and I can’t blame him for some of it. But don’t call yourself a Christian and represent Jesus and be a hater.

        • Steve Thomas

          I hate ILLEGALS because they are breaking the law. God does NOT endorse anarchy. As far as gays, read the bible story about Sodom and Gammora (sp). The bible disapproves of homosexuality.

          • Dave Shearer

            So True….but that’s ok to them….However when it comes to ” Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms “….they are all against that…..However if it’s a Biblical matter they just look the other way……

          • violater1

            It not only disapproves it condemns it! Totally!

          • Steve Thomas

            I was just trying to candy coat it…hoping to draw a liberal into a debate. I refuse to give them the word “gay”. I had a stepsister named Gay. Last thing she needed was to have her name bastardized. She was built like Bubba, and I don’t mean overweight. (no neck, big shoulders etc)

          • violater1

            Sounds as though she has passed from your wording! Sorry! But then again if she lived loving the lord then I am happy for her as she is bettter off than we are in todays life! Ahhhhh! Just to be with my king preparing to follow his return and his taking his vengence on these evil idiot progressive liberal facist pigs!
            Also I have a grandson built like that and his nickname is bubba. I agree with you on use of the word gay in their (fags) reference! They themselves are total perversions in life, they pervert their own minds and words to attempt to excuse their actions against their own consciences! God gave us all a conscience to distinguise between right and wrong but free will of man finds more ways to pervert it than most of us can imagine!

    • Arthur Mackey

      Gary Hall is a limp wristed excuse of a Human Being, and is a gutless wonder who hides behind the Bible in Blasphemy and can’t back up anything that he says !

    • Tejanojack

      Duard: I love it! The First Loonitarian Church. I hope that sticks.

    • Made_in_the_USA

      I have to agree as a Christ-follower, Gary’s not a believer in the same God that I worship. My God, my heavenly Father loves Israel, and would never ask us to lay down our only means of protection and walk quietly to the cattle cars……

  • pointdan

    FU Feinstein . . . .

    • FLBuck

      What do you expect from a politician from CA? Like I heard before, CA is like a bowl of granola; full of fruits, nuts, and flakes!

  • Mud-Pup

    “Other than military and police’ to possess these weapons…. Wow, I feel sooooooooo much safer now!

    • ldt

      While I agree with the sentiment expressed by 98% of the comments, in order to effectively fight this anti-gun onslaught, we need to understand the real reason why the anti-gunners are doing this. They are not interested in the safety of anyone, children or adults. The Sandy Hook incident simply gave them another opportunity to disarm law abiding citizens, the citizens that would be most likely to use their weapons to defend against the government’s attack on freedom and liberty. These are the citizens who know why the 2nd Amendment was written, and it wasn’t for duck hunting. Believe me, as all of us know, there are many in seats of government power who want to control everything we do and that can be best accomplished with an unarmed citizenry.

    • Jim S

      I agree mud-pup. I feel so safe with the police protecting me. They had an incident a couple nights ago in Dallas (not in an upscale neighborhood) where a little 3 or so year old boy was found wandering the streets. Someone called 911 and asked for police to come investigate. It took the police an hour to respond. Suppose this had been a home invasion by armed men. Wouldn’t have had to call the police, just the coroner to pick up the homeowner. Feinstein needs to stick to representing the looneys in CA, because she sure doesn’t represent anyone with half a brain.

  • Y-Not

    I feel Feinstein should first removes all the weapons from Obama’s civilian soldiers (The street gangs in LA, yes her own state, in NY and Chicago) before she even considers taking them from law abiding citizens!!! How foolish can people really be? Are you going to make us all safe by disarming us? It sure hasn’t protected anyone in those cities I mentioned. Get real…

    • PeckerWood_Chicken_Shiite

      I’ll CONSIDER possibly surrendering my 2nd Amendment rights once Chicago, New York, LA, Houston, Atlanta and every other democratically held hellhole goes with out a murder for a least 25 years. I know it will never happen and I’ll just have to just hang onto my guns. Dang.

      • Steve Thomas

        It’s not just the murders. How about rapes, robberies, burglaries, domestic abuse, gang muggings, etc. etc. I would NEVER willingly give up my 2nd amendment rights.

    • violater1

      Frankensteins bride should be imprisoned and tried for 2nd degree murder if just one incident occurs and a life loss of life as a result of a gun shooting if her bill is passed!
      Legal justfication her bill is going to accomplish nothing toward preventing another occurance of gun violence! Therefore she has been negligent in her job as a lawmaker and therefore she is an accomplise in the next shooting deaths!
      Furthemore she is complicent in causing a citizen to die without opportunity to defend themselves as a direct affect of this bill should it become law! Instead of addressing the problem she in her paranoid phobia has gone off on a path of her own rage rather than a rational approach to prevent and protect!
      Her irrational approach is costing taxpayers time and money and an attempt to restrict our plainly written 2nd amendment rights! Then we can have her charged with treason against The Constitution and the American people which is a violation of her oath to uphold the Constitution! I pray it does not pass in any part!

  • NymRod

    This guy is a lunatic.

  • jimmy john

    Now here is a woman who clearly has lost her mind, all she will accomplish is getting voted out of office and the criminals will still have all the guns they want or need, So she is stupid for running her mouth off about something she knows Nothing about

    • justamused

      I’m fairly sure this old bag won’t be voted out. She comes from the land of Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes! No, I’m not talking about cereal.

      • ZiggyStardust

        Every fruit a little nuttier, every nut a little fruitier

      • gutterfalcon

        The Granola State

    • Deplorable Ralphwylie

      Unfortunately, Dianne Feinstein was just re-elected here in CA. She waited until after she was “safe” to spring her Gun Grab on the peons she fears. Molon labe is our only response.

  • The Old Man

    They are following the very same procedure thay used in Australia. First document all guns then go get them with armed troops. If you refuse, you go to jail or worse.

    • FLBuck

      I vowed to myself the other day that no left-wing marxist socialist is not going to put me in a cage, period! Tyranny wins when good men do nothing!

  • Bandit

    In 1902 H.R. 11684 called the Dick Act passed and signed. No Regulations of Guns..

    • violater1

      Has this act been ammended or overridden to your knowledge!?

  • voldemort

    The second amendment doesn’t say except for these guns. It does not allow for alteration. Feinstein’s bill is unconstitutional. From another angle it will not solve the problem. A doctor stated these people were on psychotropic drugs, improperly monitored. And the best reason, They were registered democrats or the children of democrats. That covers from columbine to present.

    • FingerBlisters

      It should just be illegal for democrats to own guns.

      • Dave M

        It should be illegal to be a Dumbocrat!!!

      • violater1

        You are correct sir for liberalism of these democrat progressives is a mental illness! Unfortunately we have a lot of them without the room to house them! Therefore we are faced with the elimination of a lot of crazies! But looking back in history at the neuromberg trials and the sentences imposed on those sick basterds. Oh well, what has to be has to be!

    • whynot

      Web site is Doctor says it is fault of school shrinks which I have said is stupid for years….!!!!

    • violater1

      You must have read my post somewhere, but how right you are on all counts!

  • Bandit

    My Bad that was H.R. 11654

  • EnemyoftheState

    It appears from here that your best hope of crushing this Hitleresque monster is to appeal to the local Sheriffs who, I believe, have the Constitutional authority to over rule Washington. Is there a lawyer out there who can confirm this? America is rapidly becoming a Gulag.

    • violater1

      They do but they must stick together and be resolute in their convictions and their actions! Each States people need to stand with them and inform their boss the Governor that he must support them and their stand! Now is a good time to get behind them with written support to the Sheriffs and their Governor!

  • Mike Ross

    California should recall Feinstein; SHE IS AN IDIOT that’s gone off the deep end !

    • USAmerican100

      Won’t happen, the majority of Californians are now immigrants who want the benefits she hands out.

  • Casmige

    Wait a Minute!!,

    I thought the Dem’s were FOR Separation of Church & State….what’s with the Priest being up there as a spokes-person???!!

    Oh, My Bad: Just another unrelated unintended coincidence & hypocrisy…

    Now had it been done by a Repugnican’t??……OMG!!! The Back-lash would be relentless…

    • whynot

      Is this a comment or the ranting of an idiot on drugs?????

  • Lou

    The Rev Gary Hall forgot to include in his prayer the moral obligation we have to save the lives of thousands of babies killed each year by unnecessary abortions. Why? Is it because it is politically convenient? How about the fear/love/neglect for the love for God. Give me a break!

  • muypro

    Many women I know that know many other women say Feinstein is crazy and two faced. I agree with some regs but those she is asking for Congress to pass is idiotic to the average American. Its NOT the guns you should worry about its the people whom you have on psycotropic drugs. Quit messing with the 2nd Amendment , silly!

    • whynot

      We know who to go after when they try to take the guns….

  • hottrodscars

    She needs to be impeached as a traitor for undermining the Constitution!!!

  • Scrotum D. Bagley

    Blessed are the armed for they protect us citizens from the out of control bankrupt state of California where Feinstein resides for they shall protect the citizens when the cops take 30 minutes to respond and can’t handle their jobs. The gangs and the guns there are owned mainly by them and the illegals who control California and the weapons !

  • JRW40113

    Shy Di strikes again. Remember her comments after the last assault weapons ban, if she could have gotten 51 votes she would have banned all guns. Another elitist statist dumocrap who knows whats best for everyone else, but not them because they are special.

  • LouieBHD03

    To the Dems we have a Cafeteria Constitution. Pick what you like, discard what you don’t.

  • giley1

    Senator Feinstein, CCW for me but not for you. America and our liberties were possible because citizens were able to bear arms to defend their liberties. Once the government gets every gun owner on the national data base it is all over. The government is then in charge.

  • James Fontana

    I say let’s ban this old bag. It is funny her new gun bill was written two days before the Sandy Hook shooting. hmm

  • gdoggerz

    We need to ban progressive socialist marxist politicians and registered democrats from owning or using guns.

  • Scrotum D. Bagley

    The Senate and House have no idea along with DOJ and EXECUTIVE what to do with ten million gun owners with twenty million guns and billions of rounds of ammo would do if any of this were to come to fruition !

    • Texas Defender of Freedom

      First they would like to disarm you and throw you into a walled with razor wire concentration camp
      until they have time to execute all of you.

  • Ron

    If you have the ability to look down into a persons eyes and see what is there you need to look into Feinstein’s eyes. She is insane and really needs to be put in a padded room where she will be safe from herself.

  • crazyfreddie


  • mesaman

    Feinstein, Jewish term for Jacka**. Biden, Scottish for bull flop. They both belong in the barnyard with the dungbeetles.

    • dvdcnl

      This Jewish Vietnam vet swore to uphold the US constitution, all of it.



  • LEL

    I cannot comment regarding Feinstein or any other member or supporter of the obamanation without expressing extream violence, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior. SO I WON’T !


    Is anyone struck with the fact that Senator Feinstein and most Democrats have committed perjury? Did they not just take an oath to ‘Protect and Defend the Constitution’? Did they lie when they took that oath? I submit that they did. Should perjurors be allowed to remain in office? I think not. If Congress passes a Statute and the President signs that statute, and the statute violates the Constitution…IS IT LAW? I think not. Congress, Mr. President, if you pass such a law, I WILL NOT COMPLY. What happened in 1775 when the British marched to Concord and Lexington to confiscate American powder and shot? Americans did more than, “JUST SAY NO”. Does the Bible say you should not be armed? Indeed, not. In fact, it advises me to sell an article of clothing to buy a sword. I have a sword. And more. They are mine and I will not surrender them.

  • Tonto

    “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.”  — Mohandas Ghandi, An Autobiography, page 446.

  • Strangerinmyownland

    This is what she did last time. She and her staff go through gun catalogs and pick out the scary ones. There is no conversation, no input from knowledgeable gun experts. Nope, a bunch of liberals and gun catalogs and a way we go.

  • Docs357

    Hypocrisy express more California BS. Ugly isn’t cute it’s ugly

  • Molon Labe

    Go to hell Feinstein, fulfill your destiny now and save us all this grief.

  • Texas Defender od Freedom

    Send this old whore back to her crib.

  • James Maxwell

    Feinstein, Boxer, Al Frakenstein are total and complete idiots who do not know the truth if it bit them in
    their collective backsides along with Harry Reid and oscummer. They are out for one thing and one
    thing only to destroy our nation. The only way such bottom feeders can do that is to take away the
    weapons that are guranteed by the 2nd Amendent of the US Constitutin. That cannot and will not
    be tollerated. I am a Ret USAF NCO who still remembers and honors the oath I took when I enlisted.
    I will proted and defend the United States of America from all enemies both foreign and domestic. In
    this case the domestic terrorist are those in Washington DC who have turned their backs upon the
    American people to drive us in to financial ruin, destroy the sancity of marriage and promote corruption,
    lack or morals and dispare among our people. They want to destroy us so they can play their Elitist
    Utopian dreams.

  • caskinner

    It would be much better for this country if we could ban idiots. Frankenstein AKA Feinstein should be the first to go along with her cohorts.

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    Thanks for including the Second Amendment Patriots shopping list of firearms in this article. It makes it so much easier to find the guns the government gun grabbers fear most.

    Molon labe

  • Fred

    It would be a lot easier just to ban Feinstein. Anyone in favor?

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    Note to Gary Hall: You assume the gun lobby are godless murderers and then you try to pit gun owners versus bible owners. More people have died in the name of religion and for religious causes than from any other. Your religion gives you no right to force your will on any one else. You give a bad name to religion, but I suppose you’re just being used as a prop like Obama used kids when he signed his Executive Order Gun farce. You also might want to read the Constitution as fervently as you read your bible.

    • garysvent

      He did read both … the same way atheist W C Fields read the Bible on his death bed … “Looking for loopholes.” Can’t you just hear the sneer?

  • Gary Smith

    Are you ready to FIGHT for your RIGHTS???

    • parlayer


  • Jerry Wood

    We should outlaw being stupid…..that’d take care of all our problems!

    • garysvent

      It sure would cut down on all those “lo-info” voters out there. But how you gonna get Congress to outlaw itself? That would be a trick.

  • Jerry Wood

    The really sad thing is…..these people get elected… can this be happening????

  • James Kroeger

    Feinstein needs to do a swan dive from the high dive board into a waterless Olympic pool. What a worthless jerk of a woman!!!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Banning just one Feinstein would do a lot more good for the country.

  • Free Spirit in California

    I guess Feinstein could not get a Rabbi to do a prayer, so she plays to the majority.
    Isn’t Calif. lucky??? NOT

  • Luis(TOM) Colon

    Save life, but Abortions Kill innocent childs…
    In the USA; 1,3 million a year

    Worldwide: 43 million.

    Guns save lives…

    Do you agree? See More
    Guns save lives…

    Do you agree?

  • horseridingplains

    Her’s is an unconstitutional bill—period. We have no reason to obey it–the 2nd, 1st, 10th and Dick Act of 1902 are in direct line against what she is trying to do. Why is she not being impeached for treason- for sending potential great harm to American citizens. Fom what I have heard she carries..

  • horseridingplains

    I am curiowho is out there in the Legislature talking pro-gun???

  • stick

    put her brain in a hummingbird and it will fly upside down and suck a mules butt for a morningglory.

    • garysvent

      Magnify her brain a million times and put it in a thimble … it would be like a BB in a boxcar.

  • horseridingplains

    This is not about gun control- it is about control of people who think for themselves and are not in line with the progressives. Do we think guns will leave the inner neighbotrhoods or those in Bama private army–don’t think so.
    America please wake up to what is trying to be done. I read alot about this woman- who is standing up for the gunowners?????

  • 9Spoon9

    It would be VERY HELPFUL if the author had included a list of firearms on FEEN’d-STINE’s list. Patriots shouldn’t care in the least about owning a gun on this preposterous list of the left-coast traitor. Limitations, Registration and “Surrendering” any firearm is…and will remain a prohibition under the Second Amendment. To kowtow to any of the yearnings from this power-driven woman and her co-conspirators is unforgivable by the rest of us that truly understand what Liberty means.

    As for the Catholic fella with his little white collar…who better than the Catholic Church to side with the corrupted. Their whole system is chocked full of pedophiles; they’ve conducted heinous acts through the history of their Church, i.e. The Inquisition where they tortured, abuse and put many to death that refused to conform to the churches hierarchy at that time. If this offends you as a Catholic…maybe it’s time for some introspection and possibly changing to a religion of GOD…not man/Pope directed.

  • Dan from Ohio

    let the resistance start,if they want a war,give them one,a BIG one!

  • Deputy Duffy

    With all due respect, which I admit is extremely little, if not non existent, just exactly which part of “shall not be infringed”, does this witch not understand?

  • Chief47

    Somebody needs to put a shotgun up Feinstein’s *ss. Her mouth is too big for any gun they make!

  • Stealth

    They’re ALL a disease…and eventually, they’ll be CURED!

  • Stephen N Russell

    I was right the guns I like are the Illegal ones IF this passes.
    Need these for Home defense alone.

  • $5905143

    Crazy, psycho broad…

  • Sarah Conner

    Aren’t leaders suppose to lead by example…when they give up their guns and security,I still won’t give up mine,I am not a sheeple and these people are the biggest f**king liars I’ve ever seen…

  • Dave M

    Molon Labe!!!!

  • Tejanojack

    Our biggest problem is the same problem we had in the November elections. Over half the nation is grossly uninformed and ignorant and only know what they occassionally catch on the evening Left Wing news, which is saturated with lies and Left Wing propaganda.

    The state of American journalism is appaulling. The fourth estate was once the guardian of democracy. It is now the propaganda arm of Marxism. Wake up America! We are in terrible trouble.

    P.S. I’m preaching to the choir. M.

  • Ikinitse

    D.Feinstein and many of the other liberals attacking gun are afraid that what happened in the 1770’s and again in the 1940’s might happen again, with people getting disgusted with all the crap they are throwing at us. And it just might….that is the reason the 2nd Amendment was put in place…to respond to governmental tyranny!

  • Freedom11

    BEWARE: If the Communist Obama Goverment manages to drive the gunmakers ,ammunition makers out of business, this will have the same effect eventually as taking the guns. OR something like ObamaCare, for older people(if the guns are in a National Database), They will withhold benefits or SSI ,Medicare Benefits, etc. BUT Obama and Holder GIVE guns to Mexican Drug gangs, People
    are MURDERED that’s OK ?? Protected by EXECUTIVE protection,head crook – OBAMA. It’s OK to GIVE jets to Muslim countries(EGYPT). But they want to take away LEGAL guns? Time to replace ALL elected officials, all they do is make excuses,cover each others butts, kick the CAN, “our future down the road”.The GOP is showing no sigh of having a backbone or brain ! The greatest threat to the US our President and his FAR LEFT,Liberal Agenda. He is dong his best to DIVIDE and DESTROYAmerica
    is been,elected ?? to continue, and is doing a pretty good job of destroying the U.S.,regretfully. This has
    to stop before it’s too late. How many people have DIED already to provide these freedoms ?

  • 19r1

    Sounded more like a anti-gun than a prayer. I thought I saw Feinstein arm going up the back of his shirt.

  • Dave Shearer

    Are you people really from this planet ? Do you think this will stop the Out-Laws from Getting these Types of Guns…I mean get real, look at Oakland California. Oakland is the killing capitol of California and if they want a gun they can get one in 15 min. without any Gun Dealers in Oakland at all….You are all Making me sick pushing your way of life on me. I don’t go around and Push My Way of Life and the things I enjoy to do like Hunting or Shooting Competitions….So why are you pushing your life style on me. You are supporting things of a Biblical matter and that’s ok to you. Do you remember Hitler….he too used children like Obama in his pictures like little pawns, this is not a game….So try working on Balanced Budget, We have Too Stay in Our Financial Limit of Funds. We don’t have anyone to just lift Our Spending Limit….Bear Witness As For The Constitution….. It Is Not Up for NEGOTIATION……Obama Swore to Uphold it by all Means…..You can’t just pick and choose What You Want to Do…..ALSO Remember You Work For Us The People not the Government…..Unless All of You didn’t take your OATH Serious..? ? ?

  • RG

    Hey guys,,,what’s up this morning…
    Any hard working leftist in here this morning…

  • RG

    OH,, that’s right,,,if you are a leftist, you don’t have to work….silly me..I forgot…

  • RG

    This preacher has a screw loose… You don’t stop gun violence by banning guns,,,and guns..An AR isn’t anything but a hunting rifle (semi-automatic) with a few more rounds in the magazine. Its only when a crazy a–hole gets his hands on one that the problem starts…and If someone was standing close to him when he started shooting, they could stop him DEAD in his track if they just had any gun. But we coyote hunt with the AR’s and sometimes you need for than 10 rounds or sometimes even 12 rounds. But let me ask you this, is a mob of say 12 to 15 guys that were starving comes and knocks your door in, because when people do strange things when they are starving, but lets say they crash in your door, how many rounds do you want in your magazine. Because if this economy falls apart, there could be hundreds of people beating down your door for some food after just a few days and they just want to eat your food. How many rounds do you want in your AR then??? Any answers?? You would want as many as you can get,, what is the soldiers came to your door and wanted you to take to jail for no good reason if the world falls apart and we turn socialist over nite, how many rounds then???

    thing is, I don’t know how many rounds I need but I want as many as i can get…That is why I will never give up my guns or my 30 round magazines…PERIOD….

  • David
  • Tom Townsend II

    Feinstein and Durbin; two of many (like the Brady moron (my opinion, emphasis) co-enablers of tyranny through gleefully attempting to force their idiotic and corrupt anti-gun BS on others who frankly, do not want it. Thank God for these morons and more like them because in their over zealous zeal to force their will on others while forgetting how incensed they would likely be if others were forcing their will on them, they forget that it is usually true that the tighter the grip of unjust laws and brutal the tyranny, the more people slip through their grasp. Thank you obama, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein and Durbin as well as Sarah Brady. Your stupidity, combined with this regime’s evil, crimes and tyranny and the unconstitutional intrusions of Mexico, other South American and Islamic nations and the UN, you are making it ever more appealing to not only own guns, but also to begin nation wide designs of new weapons and mass production by actual patriotic U.S. Citizens to assure our Nation (citizens, not government will remain to protect ourselves; our rights, liberty and freedom; our families and way of life and our republic forever from tyranny as our U.S. Constitution instructs us to do. God bless you, one and all.

    P.S. Just for added thought, people here might wish to view the Anonymous video at this link fully for added emphasis. Thank you.

  • violater1

    Gary is a pervert posing as a Christian! He is a wolf in sheeps clothing! The bible warns of people like him!
    we need to get a federal bill through the house and senate demanding that all of
    the following be defunded and required to wear a paper bag over their heads before and during public presentations! harry reid, nancy pelosi, gloria albright, hillary clinton, obuthole, carney, napolitano, kagan, and biden!

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