Trijicon Inc. Withdraws Attendance from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show

Trijicon, Inc., global provider of high quality, innovative aiming solutions to military, law enforcement and individual customers, has decided to withdraw its participation and support of the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

“We, at Trijicon, are very disappointed in the decision of Reed Exhibitions to ban the display of Modern Sporting Rifles from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show,” said Tom Munson, V.P. of Sales & Marketing for Trijicon. “Many of Trijicon’s loyal customers are responsible and law-abiding owners of these types of legal firearms and we will not support any organization that attempts to restrict their display or purchase.”

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  • good for them. hit them in their pocket books where it will hurt ! to hell with those that cave to these liberal elitists in dc !

  • Liberty273

    Outstanding !…. Thank you Trijicon. Others should follow the example.

  • PatrioTom

    Congrats to Trijicon!!! The cowards are starting to show their colors! Don’t give ’em your green!!

  • When you Dance with the Devil’s Tune you will get Burned. ..

  • GDC

    GOOD for THEM!!!

  • Randy131

    A tree falls from one axe chop at a time, and after enough chops, eventually comes down. What Obama is doing is swinging his axe as fast as possible, and what Reed Exhibitions is doing to the ‘2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show’ in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is tantamount to picking up another axe and helping Obama chop down that old 2nd Amendment tree. Everytime a single weapon is banned, the industry loses part of it’s customer base, and if Obama can ban enough weapons, as Reed Exhibitions is doing to the ‘2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show’, there will be fewer people showing up at the show, until enough weapons are banned where there won’t be anybody showing up for that show, or any show related to the gun industry, and Reed Exhibitions is advancing this outcome. Every journey starts with just one step, and this is Reed Exhibitions first step, will they also join with Obama for the next step to decimate the gun industry? What Trijicon Inc. is doing is warning Reed Exhibitions what is coming if they continue to enjoin with Obama’s attempts to shut down the gun industry, and make no mistake, that is Obama’s goal, and he will achieve it through unwitting accomplices, such as Reed Exhibitions. At this point, anyone who wishes to depose Obama’s goals, needs to make sure they are absent from the ‘2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show’ in protest for Reed Exhibitions’ aiding Obama in the quest for his goals, the banning of all weapons in the USA, one at a time, until it’s illegal to own any guns.

  • “Don’t Bury Your Guns , Boys! Bury Those Who Come For Them! Then We’ll Hang The Elite Ruling Criminals Who Sent The Gun Grabbers!”
    Sic Semper Tyrannis !

  • GOOD!

  • gwinf

    That is the ticket. The organizers of the show need to know their decision is going to result in significant losses. If you know anyone who is a dealer or buyer who is going, ask them to cancel. These wrongminded decisions need to have significant consequences. Thank you Trijicon!

  • 2 thumbs up to Trijicon. Next time I am in the market for this type of product, I will look for their offerings first.

  • OldDocBen

    And that, people, is why I buy Trijicon!

  • Swaff

    Communism is alive and well and they are moving “forward” trampling and spitting on the Constitution and our flag. One right at a time and now they know in order to take us down they will have to disarm us. Don’t give in patriots and don’t worry over the ones who roll their eyes. more are starting to realize what is happening. Make lists of those who do not support the Constitution. Without the second we will not have the first or any part thereof. [~]<

  • Jay

    Rather ironic that the government could be using Trijicon products on us some day.

  • Rik

    Remember folks, We need to also boycott Walmart if they decide to cave in an witdraw sales of amunition and firearms from there stores

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