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Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory

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Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory

DG- I’m not a big fan of Slate but this is an interesting rebuttle to the many conundrums and controversies surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre.

Slate- Every conspiratorial allegation about the tragic Newtown shootings, answered

While it’s often best not to engage with conspiracy theorists on their own turf, as you can probably never convince them, it’s worth setting the record straight on all the myths and phony evidence surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre.

We’ve rounded up every major piece of evidence we could find that leads theorists to say the “official narrative” of events “doesn’t add up” and provided the facts that show why these questions can be easily explained. We’ve ignored the empty accusations with no evidence to support them (it was the Jews!) and focused only on the theories that try to present actual empirical or circumstantial evidence.



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  • Rodney

    Hey everyone. Go on the net and check out Harrison J Bounel That is an Alias for Obama. I know you will find it very interesting. I’m going to post this in as many places as possible in hopes to get the information out there.

  • TryThisOneThen
  • PolitiJim

    It’s time to unsubscribe from PatriotOutdoorNews when they pass on clear disinformation. Unfortunately Giles and POD are so busy trying to get traffic, they don’t do any of their own research. Serious minded people of intelligence however can begin with the analysis by a CT cop (here or a life long military investigator (here!) who go through every item of information. Among the things that are not explained by people actually PROFESSIONALLY investigating this are:

    – Immediate contradictory reports from actual law enforcement.
    – Recreation of timelines that make it impossible for an untrained, 120lb mentally disturbed teen to accurately discharge more ammunition than a trained solider could carry or utilize.)
    – background checks on the Lanza’s, and more importantly, many of the families/professionals who were pushed by the media.
    – a complete lack of video/photo corroboration that was available at Columbine and the Brazilian school shooting.
    – NO 9-11 calls from neighbors although supposedly shots could be heard outside the school.
    – No plausible explanation how a military dressed teen could be “buzzed into” the school when not only did Mrs. Lanza NOT work at the school – but no eyewitnesses have seen a “smashed in window” which still wouldn’t have gotten him admittance.

    Frankly, it takes more faith to believe the media spin than it does even a cursory view of the facts.

    • auhunter

      Of course it does, reporters are probably lucky to be even able to read their own notes, while trying to get as much info as they can. For instance the quote from the principal, who was dead, they eventually corrected that mistake. Eyewitness accounts those are the most unreliable of all. LEO’s take the reports, so they can compare them to come up with the real facts. One of the classes in LE, is a lecture, where an individual, comes in one door of the class room, strolls across the room, may even stop and speak to the instructor briefly then goes out the door on the other side of the room. The class is then asked to write down a description of the person. Out of a class of 30 you may get one that is right.

    • gmhunt4

      Medical guy said kids shot by AR 15 which was found in the trunk of the car, 4 handguns found in school. Man chased by police into the woods and had cuffed and put in the front set of a police car. NO ambulances at the school after shooting.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Yep. WND published this years ago:

  • One Woman

    That’s it. I’m outta here! What a bunch of idiots! Keep believing everything a tyrannical government tells you and everything you see on the ‘news’.
    Good luck with that!
    My Lord, what will it take for some of you to figure out what’s going on. How much more clear can it be?!
    Good bye!

  • TrythisOneThen

    Seriously this site is a joke, you folks are just towing the Neocon faux news line along. It’s pretty sad…

    • PeckerWood_Chicken_Shiite

      The use of the term ‘Neocom’ pegs you as a Paulbot and InfoWars listener and thus insignificant. Be gone.

  • maynardmerrell

    The more you study a subject the more you know the truth of anything related to the subject, even to the point of foreseeing what is coming in the future. Our Founding Fathers gave to us in our Constitution a Republic (rule by law), yet our politicians insist that we have a democracy (rule by majority, no matter how many misfits make up the majority, which is usually controlled by a few eletist )for a government. Karl Marx said that “Democracy is the road to sociaism.” The elitist olegargy deceive the misfits in the majority, who go along with the self-serving, down the road to socialism, which is now, more evident than ever before. You might want to ask yourself if those who insist that we have a democracy which is taking us to socialism are traitors. And if they are, what is being done about them?~ Maynard Merrferll

  • Mike11C

    “Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory”?

    Really? I don’t think so. With all of the different reports of what guns Lanza had, it still isn’t clear. First, it was two pistols and a “Bushmaster AR-15”. Then, it was two pistols and the AR-15 was in the trunk of the car. Then, it was four pistols. No wait, now it’s the AR-15 again. So, “comprehensive”? I think not. Surely there were security cameras or someone had a cell phone. I’m not believing anything about what type of weapon he used without photo or video proof. The only thing I know for sure is he had a shotgun in the trunk. I saw the video of the Police retrieving and clearing it. I don’t believe he had a “Glock” pistol, a “Sig Sauer” pistol, or a “Bushmaster” AR-15 until I see pictures. I had a Commander in Iraq who reported that he had captured an “FN FAL” and several other weapons from insurgents. But, when I saw the pictures, it was a Heckler & Koch G-3, not an FN FAL and he was a trained Officer, not some idiot reporter. So, let me know when you REALLY know what happened. Post pics or it didn’t happen.

  • robby777

    That is not a “comprehensive” coverage of the sandy Hook tragedy. It is a blaise dismissal of some facts, but certainly not comprehensive. the most damning facts are left out. Typical big media pablum… Disgusting!

  • CountdownKev

    I can’t believe Patriot Outdoors News,com would post a nonsensical article like this! Do you honestly believe these Swiss cheese explanations? I have to say, I greatly question everything you put out now. I used to trust you as a source of facts and evidence. No longer.

  • e111w

    Alright already! I’m a lifelong shooter and statewide training professional – life member NRA and all that. I scrutinized news coverage and made particular note of video showing officer stripping ammo from a SHOTGUN in the perps trunk. ARs just don’t come in pump action – nor do they eject shells. Ammo ejected from ARs is correctly known and pronounced as “kar’-tri-gis”. As for other theories………………………….. parnoia seems abundant. But, then, I am not particularly trusting of government either.

  • TheSprinklerMan

    It’s time to UNSUBSCRIBE

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