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Who Protects Our Children?

Sandy Hook has changed me forever. I try to keep abreast and keep you all informed on trends in such incidents. The difference about the days following Sandy Hook has been the direction of my research. Usually I look at the details of an incident and try to find a way in which we can improve our tactics or thinking to address such issues when we encounter them. With Sandy Hook, I most inadvertently started looking at the history of school shootings not only in the United States but globally as well. I am not sure I’ve had a good night’s sleep since . . .

Not one child has died as a result of a fire in a school in the last 25 years. Yet parents, officials and the law requires fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in our schools.

Yet, not counting any of the tragedies in 2012 or 2011 (just between the period of 1992-2010), 433 of our children were murdered at school, on school property and at school events.

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