The Caracal carbine and .40 S&W pistols

Caracal set up shop here in the U.S. not too long ago and they’ve been moving product fast ever since. They’re building a solid reputation with their top-shelf duty pistols designed by Steyr and Glock engineer Wilhelm Bubits.

Following demand for a .40 S&W variant of their 9mm service pistols, they’re now offering a full line of .40 caliber pistols, in both compact and full-size models, with standard sights as well as their increasingly-popular “Quick Sights.”

Their quick sights really are. They’re standard 3-post combat sights, but the rear sight is milled into the slide just in front of the ejection port. Combined with an extremely low bore axis, incredibley short, positive trigger reset and all-around great recoil impulse makes this one of the fastest-shooting pistols we’ve ever run.

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  • fliteking

    I have always liked the idea of a pistol cartridge carbine.

    Very handy for self defense and, thinking of the Tommy Gun, this idea has a known and effective history behind it.

    2 other options are the Kel Tec Sub 2000 and the Hi Point Carbine, which is very affordable and comes in 45 cal

  • John Hand w/gunpermit

    fliteking likes the idea of a pistol cartridge carbine, but there is another concept, a rifle cartridge pistol that is even better. That is the FN 5.7 X 28 pistol. Light and with a big magazine, virtually no recoil and certain rounds will penetrate stage two body armor. The Secret Service carries the rifle version using the same cartridge, so that speaks for itself. Very light pistol even loaded, but about the size of a 45 so not real concealable.

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