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How Television Will Shape The New Gun Culture In America

Weapons are being fired all the time on television, but that happens on cop shows. Network programmers know the public will obsessively watch guns going off and bodies falling.

On the news, however, the issue of gun ownership is adjudicated independently of the glee that accompanies watching fictional people kill each other.

When it’s fantasy, the audience wants violence. When it’s real, the audience wants no violence.

Dealing with this schizoid condition would be a problem for the networks, were it not for the fact that there is a bridge between the two states of mind: “The good guys win.”

They win in every episode of every cop show. They always have. Decades of this operant conditioning lead the audience to expect it will happen in real life where crime, guns and cops are involved.

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  • thomas gentile


    • martinp

      My sentiments, exactly. How that phony can come out of nowhere and be where he is
      today is a mystery to me! Who or what really runs this counry?

  • jb80538

    Part of the $500 mil is to run anti gun ads. He’s got to work his anti gun agenda.

  • Stealth

    People are really a ‘mob-mentality’ bunch, aren’t they?? People who have REAL brains…think rather than blindly follow…

  • CaptTurbo

    A cop is only minutes away when only seconds count.

  • The Old Man

    If they remove guns from our citizenry, then let’s get rid of all movies that have guns and force movie makers to make movies without gun violence
    Kids are no longer allowed to play any kind of game in school that might show a make believe gun like cops and robbers

    • Big D

      old man
      with all due respect Im not giving up my guns no matter what movies they remove, no matter what changes are made. We the people are 110% correct for fighting for keeping and baring our arms.
      Especially with this Tyrannical dictator
      NEVER !!!!! give them up

  • Nadine

    Just heard some poor little kid got suspended in PA for using a PLAY Bubble making gun at school! The teacher said it was a form of terrorism! THESE Freakin Liberal Teachers should go to the middle East to see what REAL terrorism is! They are OUT of control with their Hollier than thow attitudes! Fire Their ASS!

    • Sarge 52

      You hit the nail on the head, this is still the best country in the WORLD as a combat Vet i have seen horror that most people could not look at.
      So they can shove all there liberal BS up their you know what, all the BS that comes from Washington is making me sick and that bald headed VP is a complete moron.

      • Nadine

        Thank you…makes me sick too! Every day I fear for our future with what is sitting in the White House!

  • Buck

    The American mass media , including television are owned lock , stock , and barrel by the progressive communists . I have adopted a policy of acting or reacting to everything I hear and see on the mass media as if it is communist propaganda , because it is , there fore I am way ahead of ALL the SHEEPLE .


    This nothing new. This is how homosexuality got its foot in the door to Christians not taking a stand in educating their children, clergy of apostate standing and ‘social justice’ of ignorance to replace FACTS with FEELINGS.
    There is a reason our children get dumbed down. It’s because their teachers and mentors get dumbed down. There is a reason clergy is dumbed down. It’s because their process of knowledge, in the same way…but even worse in a Biblical sense, because we allow forces of immorality power to pass FEELINGS as FACTS. Television shows, movies, books, education, clergy, government and family. The foundation that once held firm in morality and family, is, and has been, broken for a long time…and in its place a watered down substance of compromise and lack of enforcing our laws, Constitution and commonsense.
    The most important statement, that Jesus used to warn all those claiming to be His, was the simple statement, “My people parish for lack of knowledge.”
    When family, in the standard of God, is a mother, father and children they have after marriage…and anything outside that promotes nothing He put in place, that is the compromise God is not a part of, but man embraces as normal…because through mans ‘lack of knowledge’, it now is.
    Television has been doing this a long, long time…it just now is getting more obvious because there is now so much immorality, it doesn’t hide. It PRIDES itself, uses covet, bearing false witness, stealing, lying, destroying God’s guidance, any way man will compromise and not take a stand.

  • I heard that they will be having the flashes in TV now that they used to have years ago to get people to go to the snack bar more, so l got rid of my TV, just in case it is true

    • Big D

      subliminal messages !!!!!!
      now the just use the microwave system,
      It was used in Iraq, remember the massive surrender ??????
      The Air Force owns the patent, just ask Jessie V

  • ATLDave

    One of the symptoms of the Roman Empire collapsing was the population’s hardening against killing as long as it was somebody else. In fact, the Colliseum stands as a monument to those who sat and watched people (Gladiators) kill each other as entertainment. Today we have replaced the Colliseum with TV, movies and videos and have enhanced the effect through interactive video games. Another symptom was sexual decadence and still another was giving into idols and turning their back on God. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. The USA is on the brink. The parents,grandparents and care-givers to our childern are our last hope. Pay attention to what is your children are watching on TV,at the movies and internet. Get involved with what your children are bring taught in school and if something is not right speak up – its is not only your right as a parent, but also as your obligation. Finally, foster a belief in God. Not necessarily a religion, but in the belief that there is a Supreme Being that is there when you need Him (or Her) and offers unconditional love. Remember that true love must be returned and if you do not love and respect God then there is an emptiness that you have created and not God.

    • 9Spoon9

      Darned good simile!

      As for TV & Hall E Weird…we 86’d the Dish, antennae only out here in the country and I haven’t been to a “theater” in almost 20yrs. Don’t spend your $$ to support these hooligans! Best thing we can do. Money talks louder than any human.

  • Fred_K

    People do not want to take responsibility for their lives. There are dirty jobs that need to be done, and they want to shield themselves from the reality of life in the real world. Violence is something they do not have the fortitude to make personal. The gritty parts of life are facing them more and more each day, because they would rather put it off on someone else. They want to be content in a little bubble. The problem they have, is that the bubble can be burst by someone they do not know, and they panic when it happens. They do not know how to deal with having their little bubble burst. The teaching of the leftist utopic society is a lie, and they have accepted it as the truth. They expect their every need to be fulfilled by a state that does not care the least what happens to them. It is sad that they are in that condition, but a good dose of reality may just wake them up. No matter what state you live under, you are ultimately responsible for your own life, or loss of it.

  • 9Spoon9

    The “schizoid condition” of the closet passive/aggressive deniers can only be cured by a soul-shattering epiphany or death. For many, I’d believe the later a better choice for American society! SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED with be dependent upon the will & resolve of the gun-owners of America. There is no room for fence sitters, either you’re with us…or against us. We’re drawing nigh onto a time similar to 1861. It may get uhg-lee if elected officials across this land do not wake up to fact and the reality of the situation they’ve put this Republic in. May GOD bless Americans…again!

  • Look at movies vs TV for Violence
    & Yes include Expendables movies, Rambo since 80s, gangster movies since 70s for etc gun play &
    Steve Seagull movies since 90s etc. & Video Games.

  • Docs357

    To late chumps

  • Since the end of the second world war the people of the United States have been PROGRAMMED by the government,the media, and the Hollywood movie industry to believe that we have been visited by extraterestrial creatures from outer space and are subject to being attacked, at any time, by them. In addition, experimentation by entrapreneurs with get richer schemes of cloning dinasaurs from bones and other specimens discovered by anthropologists,scenarios of time travel to other dimensions and planets pose possible other threats to our security.
    Unless the government can show definitive PROOF that such THREATS do not exist and that the existence of suggestive phenominon that was presented to the public to substantiate those scenarios were created by Area 51 to support the development of the Space Program,the Missle Program, and the development of newer more devistating weapons for the destruction of mankind, all at the expense and detriment of the American people. Any further attempts to take away the only means for their self defense of these THREATS or threats from any existing Government can only result in more bloodshed than ALL the wars of the past combined.
    The Government that went before you created these THREATS and unless you can make them fade into oblivion and be erased from the minds of the masses, Hitlers’ Holocaust will look like a Sunday School picnic in comparrison if you try to take their guns.
    Who do you think will be first?

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