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NY Gun Ban Bill in for Emergency Surgery

2nd Amend.

NY Gun Ban Bill in for Emergency Surgery

Later today, New York legislators will add at least 33 amendments to the NY SAFE ACT of 2013. The measures are designed to correct dozens of significant flaws in the bill (aside from the ACT’s existence). Plainview attorney Albert Turi agrees with The New York Times’ description of the gun ban bill as a “dog’s breakfast.” “The Governor waived the Constitutional requirement for a three day waiting period for any new bill using his emergency powers,” Turi told TTAG. “The ACT was rushed through without proper thought or consideration . . . There are parts of it I can’t read, understand or digest.” How bad is it? . . .

Yesterday, the State Police had a sit down with Cuomo’s soldiers to try to figure out how to administer a completely unworkable set of regulations. For example:

“When you go to register a gun now in New York,” Turi said. “There’s an hour wait. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when thousands of gun owners attempt to comply with the ACT?”



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  • Average Joe

    communissem? or something like that

  • Retarius

    Sounds like Obamacare, where ramming it through congress left tons of loose ends that are unenforceable. Well thought out – it is not.

  • GDC


  • dangerouspatriot

    Still more proof of YOU CAN”T FIX STUPID!!!

  • TexasJester

    Cuomonism. The act of Andrew Cuomo committing communist, socialist, and progressive acts against the American citizens living in New York State.

    • James Maxwell

      Cumoism communism based upon his actons and hearing his hysterical speaking it makes you

      really wonder what type of people live in New York. I used to think there were some sensible

      people there but now I know they have all gone loopy along with oscummer and his merry band

      of malcontents.

  • Fourth ID

    Bill was passed in such a hurry that they did not provide an exclusion for police.If the governor feels I can protect my family with 7 rounds,the officer should be able to protect himself with 7.

    • gypsy314

      Do you want to trust your life to liberal gun control idiots that know gun free zones kill our children and us? I say hell NO.

  • polmutant

    another public display of stupidity. i find it hard to actually believe that this is real life, if i did not see it with my own eyes; i would have bet it was cheap b movie. is there any more evidence that ALL of these types of ideology should be removed form public service. is there not a page in obamacare that applies to mentally ill and public office?? inmates run the assylum.

  • TPS12

    It’s time the people of NY stand up for themselves.

    • James Maxwell

      I worrie about the people up North, the vast majority have been indoctrinated by the Unions, liberal
      teachers and socialsit all their lives. They have been spoon fed the liberal idea that big government is good and they are not smart enough to make decisions or take responsibility for themselves.
      Case in point is the recent hurricant that hit them there was dammage no one denies that but it
      was minor compared to what has hit the southern United States. But they seem unable to clean
      up the mess or fix the damage themselves because thier state is flat busted broke. All they
      can do is whine and cry for government (Tax payer ) money.

      • gunlovinyank

        James, the majority of the upstaters are conservative and gun loving and despise what is happening, we wish NYC would be cut loose from us and let us be, but no such luck. We are fighting like hell up here and could use a little support brother, not bashing, we have enough problems with the liberal elite, we don’t need you smacking us too! I was in NYC for the ARNG, it was not minor by any means, that place was trashed and I am not defending the brainwashed in the city, cause they are indeed, but it was still trashed. We are standing up, and have no intention of giving up what we have, we stand on the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and Bill of Rights…no cowards up here in NY and there are more than you think! Cuomo just strangles our voice.

        • James Maxwell

          I apologize, when I was in the AF I met many good peopel from up north and we
          had a lot of fun jabbing at each other about Yanks and Rebs. When we were
          over in England they called all of us Yanks. As for NY State, I visited a friend of
          mine who live in Belfort NY. He was an avid hunter and fisherman. Good people
          and he, like many others I know from around the country are responsible and lawful
          gun owners. Bear the faith Brother and we will survive this, might be bloodied,
          bruised and battered but our nation will survive and so will our gun rights.
          God bess America and all who serve.

        • Reb Biker

          I’ve traveled all over America (and to other countries), and that’s the understanding I get about Yankees, too. You hear the same thing from people in Washington State and California. Liberalism is more of a “Big City” thing than an “Up North” thing. City slickers aren’t used to farming, hunting, shooting, and being otherwise self-sufficient, and thus are drawn by the “Cradle-To-Grave” promises of big government. The northeast has a greater concentration of large cities, so liberalism has tainted the entire landscape.

    • gypsy314

      NY has the choice to do up hold the constitution but has taken the cowards way to the peoples rights and freedom. I wonder if if NY Americans are going to allow liberal to disarm them and make them targets and slaves to the liberals to take care of you. I ask any parent who is best to make sure the children are protected right. Any parent who says they would stand by and watch children be killed by cowards that target gun free zones because they are cowards and know at gun free zones they can shoot for a while with out someone shooting back. So parents do your job protect your children tell your elected leader get rid of gun free zones NOW. I trust parents before liberal gun control idiots.

  • e111w

    New Yorkers: Watch this amendment business with UNABATED SCRUTINY !! Lord knows what those pissants could turn that legislation into !! They will likely remove the cops from inclusion in original infringements. Guess why? Again, knee-jerk, broadway manic by thumb-sucking pissants! Duh!!

  • $679248

    We got the Healthcare law, the debt ceiling and other worthless legislation because of not following the law and passing quickly. I understand that legislators in NY State only had 15 minutes to read and vote on the bill! Garbage just like the others.

    • Rodney

      It is their fault. They should never have voted on it. They are the problem

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    How about when several hundred thousand gun owners grow a set and just say no to corruption and illegal orders from these bunch of worthless ___ fill in the blanks.

  • Steven Newman

    S*$thead Cuomo is another example of a “Special kind of Stupid”!

  • Bill

    New idea, how about one or more of the sane southern states declaring war on NY. Take Cuomo as a pow, will be glad to let you keep him indefinitely!! BTW, take the entire legislature with him. No extra charge if you promise not to return them!

  • foxxybey

    The most Babylon state in the union, a marxist governor and mayor, both little nazi’s, wouldn’t go to their nazi state if they paid me, a bunch of sick SS troopers.

  • coconuisse

    And all the police will have to leave their guns at home because their magazines can hold too many rounds! I guess they will have to control the criminals with harsh words, eh?

  • ItalianScallion

    New York politians are the biggest hipocrites ever. Total the amount of gun homocides in the city for the last 40 years and all of a sudden now they are concerned. Its an agenda to remove your right to defend your self

  • quarkie009

    That is what happens when you have rabid democRATS in power with an insatiable thirst for uncapped
    power. What will happen is that crime will skyrocket and there will be many casualities on the law abiding
    citizens and and there will be “hell” to pay for all of this garbage that the governor and mayor Bloomberg
    of New York have imposed upon all of New York. Let us hope that the people will wakeup to all the mess
    that the democRATS have imposed upon all American citizens and impose vengance upon the entire

  • ATLDave

    Typical lib (and RIO) proposal. Ill conceived and short-sighted. I probably should add inefective.

  • Rodney

    These offficers are sworn to protect and defend our constitution. They need to be reminded of this.

    • gunlovinyank

      Most the cops are on our side and refuse to enforce the new laws and check our weapons…can’t speak for the NYCer’s but in upstate logic is still prevailing…

  • foxxybey

    I’ve had 4 guns stolen and that years ago and none of them ever showed up, they don’t care and have heard some police actually steal them for themselves which I believe. Now I sleep with mine and it has never shot me in my sleep, hasn’t took off and killed people down the hall but, if someone comes in uninvided? They will be carried out.

  • gypsy314

    Im glad the American people can see the liberals at there best lying and cheating there way threw any issue. I think the people will wake up in time to impeach Obama and crew before the people have to act.

  • watchdogman

    Well you new yorkers voted for and got the assholes…what are you going to do now?whine?

  • watchdogman

    go for a recall of Cuomo the communist! That might keep him busy for awhile..Oh how about same treatment for NYC insane dictator, Bloomyberg…

  • dad666

    Wake up New York !!!!! You have idiots in the state house and the Capitol. Demand new elections

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