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NY Gun Ban Bill in for Emergency Surgery

Later today, New York legislators will add at least 33 amendments to the NY SAFE ACT of 2013. The measures are designed to correct dozens of significant flaws in the bill (aside from the ACT’s existence). Plainview attorney Albert Turi agrees with The New York Times’ description of the gun ban bill as a “dog’s breakfast.” “The Governor waived the Constitutional requirement for a three day waiting period for any new bill using his emergency powers,” Turi told TTAG. “The ACT was rushed through without proper thought or consideration . . . There are parts of it I can’t read, understand or digest.” How bad is it? . . .

Yesterday, the State Police had a sit down with Cuomo’s soldiers to try to figure out how to administer a completely unworkable set of regulations. For example:

“When you go to register a gun now in New York,” Turi said. “There’s an hour wait. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when thousands of gun owners attempt to comply with the ACT?”

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