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Tax dollars for gun control

The directives on gun violence President Obama signed Wednesday were meant to seem harmless. A closer look at the president’s first memorandum reveals it to be a sneaky assault on congressional authority in order to fund gun-control propaganda.

Getting this done has been on the White House “to do” list for some time. In his 2013 budget submission, Mr. Obama deleted the prohibition that has been in effect since 1995 on the use of federal funds to advocate or promote gun control.

Mr. Obama is trying to steamroll the Democratic and Republican majorities that kept the ban intact by labeling the advocacy as research. “While year after year, those who oppose even modest gun-safety measures have threatened to defund scientific or medical research into the causes of gun violence, I will direct the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to go ahead and study the best ways to reduce it,” said Mr. Obama

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  • It’s not enough that we pay for this twit’s vacations? Or his campaign? Now gun control lies?
    What a turd.

    • He is a stain on the underpants of all Americans.

  • Buck

    It is up to the House of Representatives to see he gets ZERO dollars for gun control , It is also up to the House of Representatives to see that there is NO limit on funding for IMPEACHMENT !!!

  • gwinf

    We need to hold a strong fist over the House. they control all the money. Do not let O’ get the money to do anything against guns.

  • e111w

    It is quite likely that Davis and Biden have existing funding for their effort. Rand Paul has indicated his intent to cut White House appropriations – not sure whether authority exists to revoke current funding? I’ll contact Paul to ask and suggest. You should too ! Rand is our ally!

  • foxxybey

    Hitler did it and now our hitler is following his plans, get ready to fight or die, it’s that simple, once you have no arms your a slave on the marxist plantation.

  • gypsy314

    I hope our leaders stand up and do the job they took a oath to uphold the constitution.

  • dad666

    Another wasted expenditure, the research has already been done and he wants to ignore it since it resulted in a decision he doesn’t like. The result simply stated said Gun control would not solve any problems and would be impossible to push on the American People.

    • Black Rain

      The way Obarry stole the election, he’ll most likely pay some idiot enough money to print what he wants to hear. The right to keep and bar arms is not about hunting, self-denfense, target practicing or sport shooting. The right to keep and bar arms is to keep big government in check. I always thought that was congresses job but, looks like it has fallen to We the People. Sad it, I guess government wants to test us.

  • Black Rain

    Didn’t this SOB just say its not his fault congress can’t pay it bills. Now he wants tax payer dollars for gun control study, what an a$$.
    He and Biden are going around the country selling their idea on gun control. Spending that tax payer dollar already. I bet he only goes to the blue states.

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