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Nation’s biggest gun store calls for revolt

2nd Amend.

Nation’s biggest gun store calls for revolt

The nation’s biggest arms store, Charlotte, N.C.’s Hyatt Gun Shop, is calling on gun owners to revolt against President Obama’s new gun control move, warning that Washington has its eyes on trashing the Second Amendment and stealing gun rights.

Hyatt has turned part of its retail webpage over to the plea for action: “Whining to other gun owners and giving up on dialogue with your representatives in Congress is how you GIVE AWAY your gun rights! Remember to contact your representative and senator TODAY and keep contacting them. We cannot stress this enough!”

Owner Larry Hyatt told Secrets, “People are outraged. They hate the government. I don’t think we’ve seen this much divisiveness since the Civil War.”



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  • Winston

    Key words… “civil war”.


      The trouble with Civil War is, it’s never civil. People die. It isn’t time for that yet. Mr. Obama wants to goad a few small groups of hot heads into doing something stupid. When it’s REALLY time for civil conflict, you’ll have no doubt. Actual conflict may very well bubble up in the halls of Congress before it hit We the People. Be patient, but fight NOW within the Constitution. There’s lots of methods we haven’t tried yet. There is civil disobedience, for one. If you are told by law enforcement to turn in your 20 or 30 round magazine, just say, “NO”. Then hold out your wrists for the cuffs and be arrested. How many of us can the jails hold? Force the courts to rule on things. Martin Luther King didn’t change things over night and neither will we.

  • gregsmom

    I’m starting to ask people on sites like this if they’re Torys or Patriots. That’s what it’s coming down to yet again.

  • 63Marine

    We all need to start forming neighborhood Militias. stock up on food, ammo and batteries. As for the jerks in Washington DC, they can put their gun control crap where the sun don’t shine….

    • 9Spoon9

      Posts even hinting at “militias’ may bring the fed’s bg’s to your door long before they ever consider others. Under current NDAA, such persons can & will be labeled as terrorist and dragged away…or shot as enemies of the state. While I agree with the idea of a neighborhood cooperative effort and some prep for contingencies (we see what Sandy did!), flagging yourself in this manner may be unwise. 29 yrs in USAF blue. Thanks for your service Marine! Just like to keep you around until duty may call again. Spoon

  • KDS

    The Darkness is growing in government. The Sun will only shine again if we still believe in Patrick
    Henry’s cry for Liberty or Death!!!

  • swaff

    Rush said the other day that he thinks Obama is trying to cause us to snap, I think he is right, O wants to start small groups fighting back before we can get organized and take us down one small group at a time thinking that this will cause the resistance, the rest us to cower in fear and roll over. It is a logical plan that will work if we a not very careful and if we don’t plan and do as 63marine suggest . Join and support as many groups as you can, learn as much as you can on survival and tell all military personal, law officers, anyone who have sworn an oath to defend the constitution that you speak with to remember that oath. Tell them about an organization called oath keepers. Just remember- stay cool, keep your heads down. We have much more to fight for than these libs and leeches that can’t think for themselves, they wont last long without their government welfare and are probably mostly loud mouth cowards.

  • Tank

    I will be hunting mule deer with my bow, also carrying a mountain lion tag on Jan 19th during the show of force of gun owners, but I will be strapped with my 40 cal H&K also! Hopefully I have time to make a kill, gut it, and have time to head downtown in my still bloody camo, packing my 40 to show support!

  • Victor

    I will be happy when I no longer have to ECHO what I am about to say. YES, the Power Elite of the Federal Reserve, are Forcing the Hands of American’s, because they are real close to NOT being able to establish they’re One World Government, and can’t effectivly establish it in this country till All citizens are Disarmed. The FED Bankers are in Complete Control of Obama and all in DC. They control the strings to the Money Supply, and can tug that string to get Senators and Congressmen alike to do their Bidding, or loose State Funding for some of their Pet Projects. BLACKMALE And the FED are Evil and Nasty people, and are willing to go to ANY Length to get their One World Government started. They once told Liberal Press that the Window of Oppertunity to establish the NWO, is Limited, so they are Pressing things to the point of a 2 sided conflict, to get all the show started.

    • Marcus Antonius

      I have coined this term and used it extensively for a number of years: The Elite Ruling Criminal Class !

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    This is the prelude to a Revolutionary War, not a Civil War as some say. The revolt is against the tyranny of the government that wants to disarm Americans much like the British tried and for taxation without representation (i.e. Obamacare).

    • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

      We better start hunting and killing the islamic and other foreign terrorist camps HERE, in OUR BACKYARDS.

  • TexasJester

    Government response to gun violence can be likened to this example:

    Your town has a 25 mph speed limit.
    Kids regularly race through downtown at 90 mph.
    The town responds by lowering the speed limit to 20 mph – and that’s it!

    Gun bans and limits only ban and limit sales to LEGAL gun owners, the ones LEAST likely to commit a criminal act! CRIMINALS (by definition don’t obey the law) will continue to get and use semi- and full-auto weapons with high-capacity mags.

    Andrew Wilkow (Siriusxm ch 125, M-F 10:00 am – 1:00 pm eastern) recently had a caller. He was a long-time NYC cop on the repeat-offender “task force”. He reported that in some 20 years of apprehending criminals, he did not find a SINGLE gun that the criminal had bought LEGALLY.

  • Jon Watts

    Either stand now, or kneel later…

    • $927781


  • Terry Barker

    I’m ready. Give me liberty or give me death! Hold obama, reid, puglosi, holder and every other liberal accountable!!!!!

  • James Kroeger

    I’m with you Larry Hyatt…got any discount bulk ammo for your supporters? 🙂 We may need it!!! LOL

  • Marcus Antonius

    Ft. Hunt, Virginia 4/19/2010

    Patriots! Hear Ye! Remember This As You Leave Today and Forever More.

    We the Patriots are The Last Line Of Defense Against The Darkness.

    We Hold The Beacon of Freedom The Rest Of The World Looks To in Our Hands.

    We Have Only Two Choices. We Restore OUR Constitution as

    The Rule of Law or We Have Government By Decree.

    We Have The Light Of Freedom or We Have The Darkness of Slavery! We Have Liberty or We Have Tyranny!

    We Have Individual Rights or We Have Mob Rule!

    We Have Government By The People, For The People and Responsible to

    We The People. Or, We Have Government By Anarchy.

    The Constitution Can Not Defend Itself. We The People Must Do So.

    It Is OUR Constitution To Keep Or To Lose. Are WE Going To Keep It, Patriots?

    I Look Across The Potomac and I say this.

    General Washington, Sir! President Washington, Sir!

    We Have Come! We are Here!


    We Stand Here For The Constitution!

    For The Republic!

    God Bless America ! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  • Marcus Antonius

    I will be in Richmond on Monday and armed. I will be going into my Legislators offices in the Capital building, and armed. it is legal in Virginia. But I have this question. Just what will you do in the following scenario. You are in your downtown with say 1200 gun owners. Peacefully demonstrating for Our Second Amendment Rights under our first Amendment rights. Most are packing. Some with long guns. You are all completely legal. On several intersections a Deuce and a halfs roll up and out load several companies or even a Battalion of military. They take up offensive and defensive positions with automatic weapons and other hardcore military hardware like armoured half tracks, and using loud speakers, announce that every person may leave but, not until they turn in any firearm they are carrying and all persons will be thoroughly searched? They demand that all persons who have a firearm immediately lay down their weapon on the ground. You are surrounded by 2000 heavily armed and trained troops.

    What will you do?

    • garysvent

      Leave your best stuff at home. Fight on your terms, not theirs.

      But … you could challenge them, to see if the US military is willing to shoot its own citizens. After all, they are breaking the law; I believe it’s called Posse Comitatus. That would be dangerous, kind of like inviting the first shot of the revolution.

      But if they stand down, then you know what side they’re on.

      Jus a guess, of course. In truth, I wouldn’t be caught dead downtown demonstrating … you’re just self-identifying gun owners.

    • watchdogman

      Step out and ask the army if they are willing to kill their neighbors, relatives, friends and loved ones. If they dont back down begin a slightly different approach …. call on the families of the army and have a nice “talk” with their military family member..

    • Rodney

      Law enforcement and the military took an oath to defend the constitution from foreign and domestic threats. If they do that than they are no better than the corrupt people in the government. We might remind them of their oath and stand up to them as they can be with us or against us. I think they will be with us.

      • Dark Patriot

        Other than EEOC enlistees and officers, who would fire on Americans. No wonder so many females, gays, and gang bangers are being enlisted despite serious psychological and criminal objections.

    • covert1968

      Shoot the commanding officer through the brain with a Barrett 50 Cal. BMG rifle and scope from a half mile away ! They won’t hear the shot and he falls as if struck down by God !

  • foxxybey

    I’m with the guy but, one cobra would take us out.

  • lokiswife

    With all this going on, don’t forget BENGHAZI! We have to fight two battles at once, otherwise they will bury the Benghazi story. More and more info is coming to light on what really happened that night, don’t let the mainstream media bury the story under a deluge of gun control stories. Benghazi could be the Achilles heel that rids the country of the crud in DC. Nixon left the presidency in disgrace over his lies and coverup of a bungled burglary that killed no one, Benghazi is much worse than that. Don’t let them bury it…

  • sam20

    I agree i think Obama is trying to dismantle the united states and he is waiting for us to snap. I am worried i mean really worried. Who ever thought he would get in for a second term but he did. there are enough liberal voters out there that believe that guns grow legs and shoot children. They don’t believe in taking responsibility for our actions as humans nor do they believe that criminals should be punished just law biding citizens coming from a law enforcement background and seeing the punishment that criminals get in prisons why not commit crimes 3 meals a day tons of like minded guys, video games if things don’t break out in hell in a hand basket soon i think we are lost.

  • watchdogman

    Start locally with your Democrat officials…they work up…How you deal with them is up to you.

  • CaptTurbo

    They are correct of course.

  • 9Spoon9

    Not enough backbone in the combined chambers of Congress or BHO would have been disgracefully and properly ‘dismissed’ for his treachery and downright treasonous acts. The sheeple proved their lack of understanding…with the aid of rigged polling systems in so many precincts across this Republic. I have deep-seated and grave worries about the possibility of Mr Hyatt’s scenario coming to fruition. If the People don’t wake up and step into the light of truth…sad and tragic times will once again come to America with blood-stained soils. Pathetically sad times 🙁

  • jetmech97


  • spyderdalton

    is one party in Washington… the party of corruption and treason…
    and they are partying on the American tax payers dime.

  • ves

    The one thing everyone misses is MONEY!!
    Stop. Giving to political parties …. charities … churches …THEY are ALL selling out LEGAL US CITIZENS …They Work Against us on a daily basis!!
    Cutoff their cashflow and YOU will see change!!
    Send ALL Elected Gov Reps a fax or email or phone call stating since They DO NOT Represent Legal US Citizens Wishes we will NO LONGER support them in any way!?

  • Robert Gunther

    I think we need another political party; the Tea Party and
    the NRA Party join forces to combat the greedy lifetime politicians, not only
    in Washington but all the states including.

  • covert1968

    I contacted my Representative and Senators yesterday and made clear my feelings on OBAMA AND DIANE’s PISTOL IN THE POCKETBOOK personal attacks on our God given, Second Amendment Guaranteed rights and the Bill of rights as to overbearing by the federal government into our personal Rights and God given guaranteed rights ! This is an attack which maqy be cause to close down the Congress under Rule of Law and bring the proiper charges against Obama, Biden, and others within this puppet government and start over using the Rule of law, The Constitution and Bill of Rights !

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