Ohio media outlet releases name of teacher authorized to go armed at Orrville City Schools

When Williams Co., Ohio’s Montpelier Schools Board of Education made the announcement that they would allow certain employees to carry concealed in the school as a part of their security plans, we noted that the school was not the first school in Ohio to allow certain members of its staff to go armed – rather, they were just the first to announce the decision publicly.

There are even more schools in Ohio that have made the decision to allow armed employees, and some have been doing so well before the horrific attacks in Connecticut.

These schools, however, have made the choice not to release this information about their security plan publicly, to prevent the information from being used against them in a potential attack.

Despite the knowledge of this risk, WEWS’s (NBC Cleveland) Dave Arnold is reporting that a public records request has revealed that Orrville City Schools in Ohio’s Wayne County has also made the decision to allow an armed employee into the building.

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