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Ohio media outlet releases name of teacher authorized to go armed at Orrville City Schools


Ohio media outlet releases name of teacher authorized to go armed at Orrville City Schools

When Williams Co., Ohio’s Montpelier Schools Board of Education made the announcement that they would allow certain employees to carry concealed in the school as a part of their security plans, we noted that the school was not the first school in Ohio to allow certain members of its staff to go armed – rather, they were just the first to announce the decision publicly.

There are even more schools in Ohio that have made the decision to allow armed employees, and some have been doing so well before the horrific attacks in Connecticut.

These schools, however, have made the choice not to release this information about their security plan publicly, to prevent the information from being used against them in a potential attack.

Despite the knowledge of this risk, WEWS’s (NBC Cleveland) Dave Arnold is reporting that a public records request has revealed that Orrville City Schools in Ohio’s Wayne County has also made the decision to allow an armed employee into the building.



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  • edro3111

    Why does the idiotic news media think they need to do this? I see lawsuits on the horizon. Hope their circulation drops to zero!

    • Greggie

      Sadly enough, it’s very difficult to stop using NBC and their subsidiaries. Just a few places to boycott: Universal Studio (motion pictures), NBC stations, msnbc, Comcast. If you stop subscribing to Comcast, killing many birds with one stone. Stop supporting those who are not behind our Constitution!!!

  • Buck

    Why aren’t the entire newspaper staff already in prison for child endangerment . Does anyone need anymore proof that the news media in this country are communist b–t–ds ?

  • gwinf

    Time to pass a law making this information private and not available to the general public.

  • Guest

    Find out the names and addresses of all of the NBC people involved and post a big sign on co-operating neighbors lawns that points to the home of the offenders. On the sign write “This house is Gun-Free . It is owned by a highly paid TV person.” Criminals take note.

  • James Fontana

    Right noe the media is a far greater danger than an armed lunatic.

  • conservative

    Guess the first requirement to be in the media business is that you must be stupid.

  • nonstopca

    Wouldn’t you know it would be NBC….I hope the AG can do something to insure it doesn’t happen again.

    • Spencer Patton

      The AG are you referring to Holder if so he will not do anything because He is a bigger Criminal than the People of the news media.

  • rumaso

    Obviousley they want to warn any potential child murders so they can find schools that have no one protecting the children. That way more kids will be killed to support their gun ban. They want kids shot to death that is why they do it.

  • TPS12

    Since their either not allowed or are not smart enough to investigate all the blunders of
    this administration, I guess the only thing left is to go after are law abiding citizens.

  • e111w

    Please, you folks in Ohio. Go after that newspaper with a rabid vengeance ! They MUST have ad money to exist. Shut down their advertisers – period. They will beg for forgiveness. And – if there are any legal means to prosecute the paper, climb all over your officials to DEMAND suit be brought! We CAN NOT piss around with this stuff !!

  • foxxybey

    If anyone is harmed because of the media, it is time to take the law into our own hands as the judges are lame and brain dead. Time to get rid of the nazi government and those who back it or you’ll be slaves on their plantation, those are the facts and not disputed.

  • lokiswife

    That is a violation of that person’s privacy and tells would-be thugs exactly who is carrying so they can avoid them. The best security in schools and public places is “unknown security” – unknown who is carrying until it is needed. That plays mind games with thugs and shooters not knowing who will be fighting back if necessary. Posting schools as “No Gun Areas” only tells thugs that the good guys will read the sign and leave their guns at home or locked in their vehicle, the coast is clear for whatever the thug wants to do, no other guns there to stop him…

  • KDS

    It’s the news media putting people in danger!!! Are they crazy idiots. The intent is to protect kids, and
    instead the news media thinks it’s there business to get them killed!!

  • Spencer Patton

    Its time to release the news media personnel info and comcasts info to the public. What is good for the right should be good for the left.

    • Wild Thing

      Don’t you mean what is good for the left should be good for the right?

  • foxxybey

    These blue states are really dumber then rocks and don’t realize they are about to be slaves on the left wing plantation of our master-in-chief. Remember their were black slave owners and this administration has it in Sharpton and Jackson.

  • dad666

    The Morons are at agian This is just a great way to allow a would be assasin to tke out the armed guard by knowing that he is the oneor one’s he has to fear and where he lives etc. More reckless endangerment by teh Hapless media sources.

  • Wild Thing

    The people In Clevland should be boycotting Dave Arnold’s show and the radio station he works for.

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