Florida Sen. Bill Nelson the latest to join ‘Python Challenge’

A Sunshine State senator will be the latest to traipse through Florida’s Everglades in search of wild pythons up to 15 feet long.

Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) will join the hunt on Thursday as part of the state’s month-long “Python Challenge,” in which nearly 1,000 people have signed up for the chance to collect a bounty for catching and killing Burmese pythons. The challenge, which began this past Saturday, is aimed at helping to control the exploding population of the non-native snakes, which have devastated Florida’s eco-system. Anyone is eligible for the hunt, so long as they participated in a 30-minute course and paid a $25 fee.

“These snakes don’t belong in the Everglades,” Nelson said. “They’re causing real problems in one of Florida’s greatest treasures.”

Just last year, Nelson announced a rule that prohibits the sale and importation of exotic snakes like the Burmese python.

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  • Docs357

    It takes a snake to no a snake he should have no problem finding anything that silthers on its belly

    • GM Thatcher


  • Docs357

    We need to limit hiss pending while he is standing right in front of no.

  • 9Spoon9

    Regardless of Nelson’s ill-begotten or misdeeds in office or otherwise…killing every single python in FLUSA is long over-due. I’m sure for Mr Nelson that it is just a PR stunt to defray other less palatable items on the Citizens’ Agenda! I wonder it this behemoths are as palatable as a western diamondback? Now those snakes make for some good eats!

  • If this is a hunt for a non native species of snake then why does it cost $25 to hunt these snakes on government land that is maintained on taxes paid by U. S. Citizens. Isn’t this double charging to help radicate these snakes?

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