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Obama renews executive order threat on gun control laws

2nd Amend.

Obama renews executive order threat on gun control laws

President Obama renewed his threat Monday to use executive orders to push through controversial gun control measures with or without Congress’ blessing.

The president made his comments during the final news conference of his first term.

Obama said he is reviewing a list of recommendations from Vice President Biden on how to reduce gun violence. Obama is expected to announce the next steps on gun violence after he is inaugurated and enters his second term next week.

Gun control has made its way to the top to the president’s agenda following the Newtown, Conn., shootings in December that left 20 elementary students dead.



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    The Faker in the WH has signed another fiat giving him security and all those elected POTUS before him a right to have tax paid security into eternity but you are just a piece of worthless debris that pays those taxes to make sure his delusional law is paid for and you ain’t got squat to say about it…..all you mediocre republicans make some noise while you still got a hair on your scrawny butts…can we get some real Republicans over here please?

  • James Fontana

    The ban belongs on Obamas execututive order pad. Take away the secret service and their guns. You will the find this two faced idiot hiding in a cornor.

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    Who really cares what illegal orders he signs into HIS law we do not have to follow any laws that are contrary to the constitution or the bill of rights ! Also here is my Executive order for you Ofagboy FORK YOU BEECH !

  • GDC

    I have been posting this for YEARS!!!
    Obama, Biden, Holder and ALL of those in Obama’s administration MUST be Impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED!!!

  • David

    Time to fire this idiot of a president, and the people of this country CAN do it.

  • Edward Crowell

    But some lawmakers say last month’s school shooting, by a gunman with a legally purchased high-powered rifle, has transformed the debate and that Americans are ready for stricter gun laws.

    Uh, “by a gunman with a rifle stolen from his own mother after murdering her”

    The AR15 is not what I’d consider “high-powered” it’s intermediate caliber. A .30-06 is high powered, .50 BMG is high powered.

  • Docs357

    Ignore him and impeach him see how he likes it adults normal adults don’t need to be told how to live by a communist who had no idea. All he wants all our money and our property to hock so he can spend that too

  • Jaime Cancio

    Executive orders are controls upon the effective running of the government and they are not allowed to be carried as law to effect directly the citizens of this country, nor do they have or carry the rule of law to control the people of the United States. He can issue an executive order as he claims he will do; but, it will be unconstitutional and will subject Obama, under rules of laws and the Constitution, to direct charges of treason. I am still wondering where is the world court in charging Obama and Holder, et. al, for crimes and against humanity and mass murder from the Fast and Furious program. Some 4,000 plus Mexicans are now dead and four Americans. Just where is the rules of law and why arn’t these people and Obama not being brought to justice?

  • Buck

    IMPEACH !!!

  • zeprin

    What if a President issued an order ……..and NOBODY obeyed it?

    Just ignored him and his silly order.

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