With the 2013 ATA Show having come and gone, I’ve since taken the time to sit down and really let all of the new products seep into my consciousness. Some were good, some were bad, and some were just plain…well, you know the rest. Overall, I have to say it was a great show. Still, when you consider the pressure to unveil the latest and greatest products EACH YEAR, you quickly realize that at some point that just isn’t possible. At some point improvements cease to come in leaps and bounds and simply come in baby steps. Nevertheless, there are some companies that are really thinking “outside-the-box” and offering some pretty cool products that, in my humble opinion, can really make a difference when it comes to filling your tags. While there are probably products that were over looked or simply left off of my list due to time and space, in my humble opinion, these are the ones that grabbed the most attention from me.

Game Plan
This company impressed me from the start. With several products that are well thought out and function differently from other similar items on the market, I really believe these guys are going to make some noise in 2013. The one item (among many) that stood out in my mind was the new Base Camp Travel System. This system is leaps and bounds ahead of other offerings because of its versatility, construction, and ability to keep all of your hunting clothes as “scent-free” as possible no matter the circumstances. For the whitetail bowhunter, nothing will make or break your hunt like clothes that smell like danger. For a mountain bowhunter like me, who doesn’t have the luxury of playing the wind, scent control is paramount to my success. That is why I like this particular product so much.

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