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Why I Brought Piers Morgan That ‘Little Book’

2nd Amend.

Why I Brought Piers Morgan That ‘Little Book’

When I appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight to debate gun control on Thursday night, I came armed with a copy of the Constitution of the United States.

I did so for a very simple reason: for too long, the left has been getting away with the lie that they are pro-Second Amendment. Then they proceed to violate the most basic concept of the Second Amendment: that we have a right to keep and bear arms. It is fine to have a rational conversation about how to balance rights with the risk and rewards of particular firearm ownership. But that is not what the left does. They loudly proclaim support for the right to bear arms but then ask, “Why should you be allowed to keep an AR-15 in your home?”

The left pretends it is for the Second Amendment because it recognizes that the American public likes the Second Amendment. But the left has no real defense for the Second Amendment on a philosophical level. They say that they want assault weapons gone, as Piers Morgan does, in order to prevent gun death. But then they say that they’re fine with handgun ownership, which is the instrument used in exponentially more gun death. They can’t explain this mental gymnastics. When I asked Morgan about it, he replied, “We’ll come to that.” He never did.

Here’s the truth. Ideally, the left wants to ban all guns. They just aren’t willing to go there yet, because they know it’s politically unpalatable.



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  • fliteking

    Piers Morgan has all the attributes liberals find important ; Lying; Name Calling ; Finger Pointing; Race and Class Baiting.

    On the flip side Piers Morgan has none of the skills required to be a reporter or author . . . .so there was no doubt a ‘ghost writer’ for this book.

  • Jay

    Close… the left wants to ban our guns. Any they control are OK.

  • Brian Richard Allen

    Deep in Denial pathologically-Projecting, Piers Stefan “Dying-Child Hacker” Pughe-Morgan:

    More living breathing walking proof FasciSSocialism is a Psychosis!

  • Vic Bailey

    To prove how STUPID the left is, there are about 5 million of them and about 80 million of us, what kind of odds would Jimmy the Greek give on the left winning? After we win we need to rid our government of ALL Socialist, Communist and Marxits followers! This is a Republic and NOT a Monarchy or a Dictatorship, and we will NEVER be! These Morons that want one, are allowed to move to whatever country they want. ALL people wanting to become a citizen, they either have to “ASSIMILATE” or “GET OUT”! There are RULES to become a citizen and there is NO CHANGING the rules. That is the reason we are in the mess we are now, just because certain politicians turned their heads and let an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT be allowed to run for president, and now we are paying the price because he is trying to destroy our Constitution and way of life! He wants to be a Dictator and throw our Constitution out like it’s a used newspaper, WRONG. If Bama wants to be a dictator then, he needs to go back to Kenya where he was born and do it there! Because we stand for FREEDOM, and he has NO SAY in that matter! Semper Fi.

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