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Second Amendment: Do Militias Matter Today?

The role of gun ownership has always been emotionally charged, but Sandy Hook’s news has again heightened the rhetoric. This debate has spilled over and has become international.

Anti-gun lobbyists consider the Second Amendment antiquated, asking what militias could protect us from today. The pro-gun side answers: “Tyrants”, citing King George III, Hitler’s Germany, or another event so seemingly distant that the argument seems academic. Even some who want stricter controls might concede the home-defense argument. But they would never want Joe Public armed with the sorts of guns carried by soldiers and police. Are militias relevant today?

Do you think it strange that citizens might be called to grab their gun, and rush to the defense of their community or region against some threat? Why is it strange? Small towns do the same thing with volunteer fire departments. Bankers, plumbers, or gym teachers, all become firemen when there’s a fire raging. You can’t wait for experts to put out the fire, everybody gets involved. That same principle describes a militia.

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  • medivac

    Militia spelled out simply is concerned citizens. Nothing more, nothing less !!

    • Mike11C

      As a retired Army Infantryman, who swore an oath to the Constitution, I AM part of the militia.

      • medivac

        Yup !! You fit the description all right !!

      • Yep! Me too. Let’s hope that our comrades in arms remember their oath.

      • John Gould

        Me too.

  • Paul

    With the current political climate, my advice would be to “Believe nothing you hear, and less than half of what you see”. This administration has taken lieing to a height not seen before in this country. Watch his actions closely, keeping in mind that he is pretty good at sleight of hand as well. Do not let it get set in your mind what actually happened at Sandy Hook school. I am pretty sure that the truth of that will be hidden very well, and it will be difficult to find out what really happened, and who was in on it. Ditto some other mass shooting events in the last few months.

    • Ken Clawson

      I agree completely Paul. My mother admonished me (and she was pretty smart I found after the fact) over 50 years ago. The advice is more relevant now than it ever was. Right on!

      • John Gould

        I was taught this from childhood. I am now 76 and it is a proven fact.

  • Buck

    I can’t speak for you , but this militiaman matters . Nuff said !

  • We really don’t need a militia, we have about 300,000,000 million armed citizens.

    • Deddier

      During the Revolutionary War militias were simply farmers gathering together to fight in the skirmishes. They came out of their farms, etc. They were paid by the government to fight the King’s armies. But if the time comes here, I would guess since it would be our own Civil War, don’t know if we would sign up somewhere or how that would work. But we would have to do something to put this evil government in check. Evil they are!

  • Federal law actually defines “regulated” and “unregulated” militia. All firearm owners are, by Federal statute, if not in the National Guard, is part of the unregulated militia. Title 10 US code Chapter 13.

  • Mary711

    Of course they are relevant today. We have people like Chavez in Venezuela, Hussein in Iraq (he’s gone now) Amindinajab in Iran, and all the other Muslim Countries around the world including Morsi in Egypt, Gadafhi in Libya (he’s gone now) fortunately, but you still have these tyrannts around and you still have people like Obama who wants to dictate to us what we can do, what we can have, what we can eat, when we can pee, step one, two, three, four, You better believe the Malitia is relevant to todays world especially when you have people like Piers Morgan who has the I.Q. of a Moron, or Bill Maher, MSNBC, NBC, Hollywood. Mary711

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