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DailyKos Second Amendment FAIL!

Yesterday, the ultra-far left website DailyKos decided it was time to put their money where their mouth is. They decided they would do their patriotic duty of voicing the opinions of a nation. Their large internet footprint, after all, gives them excellent exposure to the massive contingent of left leaning citizens in the United States. Unfortunately for them, the overwhelming opinion of, at least those people visiting the DailyKos, is that Gun Control is bad. (Whether or not that website has its finger on the pulse of this diversified nation is up for discussion, it seems) Specifically, when the DailyKos staff writer Sharon Wright posed the poll question (after a lengthy and trite attempt at winning over her hoard of leftist minions), as to whether the Second Amendment should be repealed or amended, the people spoke.

At last count (4:45PST January 8th 2012), It showed the following:

5% “YES” VOTE (Yes, the Second Amendment should be repealed or amended) with 235 votes

94% “NO” VOTE (No, the Second Amendment should not be repealed or amended) with 4022 votes

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  • HappyClinger

    Wow. Way to go, Sharon. Maybe you should learn how to shoot a gun, and see they’re not the evil things people think they are. A recoil is not nearly as painful as a backfire.

  • fliteking

    The only thing the dailykoz. com ever gets right is eating shh.i.t .

  • mogul264

    So the PEOPLE spoke, not the nasty piddling little 5% minority who makes a lot of noise, blows a lot of smoke, and who the media lovingly supports! My faith is starting to revive after being bombarded all this time about how UTTERLY VIOLENT gun owners must be to even THINK of having one!

    I guess it’s true! There IS a ‘silent’ majority out there! We have to ALL JOIN IN, slap a GAG on the mouth of these vicious little lice who are clamoring to confiscate our arms. By the way, the 2nd Amendment is NOT just to get guns for hunters! It is to ENSURE the PEOPLE have the means to RESIST ILLEGAL SIEZURE OF PROPERTY (GUNS, for sure!), and FORCE the government to abide by the law of the land, the CONSTITUTION, AND, the 2nd Amendment!!

  • 98% of Americans like the life our founding fathers put in place. The other 2%, do not like America, it’s citizen and would love to line you up against the wall to eliminate the perceived threat to them. Yet, they are enjoying the very privileges that they hate so bad. The biggest problem is; these jerks have money and own the media so we are pummeled by the daily loony negative rhetoric of how bad and unfair America is. At what time do people realize they are being duped and turn on the loons?

  • e111w

    Geez, I sure hope this is true and that every one of our “august” bunch of prostitutes in Congress see it!

  • Jay

    The Daily Who?

  • PArevolutionary

    Doesn’t matter even a fraction,Barry the king will overlook his minions and do what he wants anyway,he has gone against the opinion of the majority all along

  • chinook

    Like your response fliteking. That is all they have ever done

  • HorseTeethSam

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! How funny! Since when has the opinion of “the people” mattered? That’s hilarious.

  • “when guns are outlawed I’ll be a outlaw” Quote from one of my Warriors. Are you brave enough to be one? http://www.secondamendmentwarrior.com

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