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DailyKos Second Amendment FAIL!

Yesterday, the ultra-far left website DailyKos decided it was time to put their money where their mouth is. They decided they would do their patriotic duty of voicing the opinions of a nation. Their large internet footprint, after all, gives them excellent exposure to the massive contingent of left leaning citizens in the United States. Unfortunately for them, the overwhelming opinion of, at least those people visiting the DailyKos, is that Gun Control is bad. (Whether or not that website has its finger on the pulse of this diversified nation is up for discussion, it seems) Specifically, when the DailyKos staff writer Sharon Wright posed the poll question (after a lengthy and trite attempt at winning over her hoard of leftist minions), as to whether the Second Amendment should be repealed or amended, the people spoke.

At last count (4:45PST January 8th 2012), It showed the following:

5% “YES” VOTE (Yes, the Second Amendment should be repealed or amended) with 235 votes

94% “NO” VOTE (No, the Second Amendment should not be repealed or amended) with 4022 votes

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