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Gawker Posts Full List of All ‘A**hole’ New York City Licensed Gun Owners

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, the Journal News in upstate New York published a map with the addressees of all gun permit holders in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam. The nation was rightly outraged at this violation of basic privacy, and the threat implicit in the publication.

Just in case that was too subtle, Gawker has now published a complete list of every licensed gun owner in New York City. The headline? “Here Is a List of All the Assholes Who Own Guns in New York City.” Writes the author, John Cook:

Below is a 446-page list of every licensed gun owner in New York City. I obtained it from the NYPD two-and-a-half years ago via a Freedom of Information Law request. Because the NYPD is more interested in raping and/oreating ladies and spying on Muslims than it is in honoring public records law, the list contains only the names, and not the addresses, of the licensees…

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  • fliteking

    Proof positive your liberal neighbors hate you and want you ‘gone’.

  • Mike11C

    New York is one of a half dozen states that no amount of money would get me to live in. I wouldn’t move there for “all the tea in China”. They can keep their liberal stink-hole.

    • armydadtexas

      The next time New York slides into bankruptcy or needs REAL AMERICA’s help, I am for telling them to get help from Hugo Chavez or Fidal CAstro or some other Commie State. Enough of N.Y. arrogance. Boycott all of what is New York

  • rikker5700

    I was surprised to see Don Imus name on this list, as on his show he is pretty anti gun.

    • jackel


      • Tired ‘Ol Sarge

        Uhh, she lives in California since she is a US Senator from Califorina. We conservative Californians can’t seem to get rid of her.

  • henryknox

    nick denton

    John Cook

    Wife : Allison Benedikt
    Home (718) 369-8243
    528 16th St
    Brooklyn, NY 11215-5912

  • jackel

    I want to hang out with those people !The gun owners !

  • fraccle

    I wonder how many people thought there would be a civil war in 1860..

    • Get Real

      The ones in the south!

      • Guest

        Yeah, the people in the North were too stupid to wipe themselves.

  • empty pockets

    Just goes to show that even in NYC deep blue country, EVERYBODY isn’t a total idiot.

    • Get Real

      NO, but almost all of them.

  • armydadtexas

    Proof positive that FAR, LEFTIST, EXTREMIST RADICALS haven’t a clue about what it is or takes to ensure FREEDOM REIGNS not some petty, left wing agenda. To hell with B.HO, to hell with Gawker. Left wing TURDS one a and all. This regime has taken the first step in inciting a civil uprising if not war


    Personally I hope the security personnel you hire to protect your scurvy butt Cook, turns on you and ventilates your useless noggin, maybe you will get the hell sued out of you and be put out of the biz……this guy is one of those libs that is a special kind of stupid…putting others in danger is what the left does best.

  • bayman61

    Someone needs to put flyers up all over New York City with his address on it saying he is not armed and his home would be easy pickings. Plus the address’s of executives of the Journal News. Turn the tables on them. Like the saying goes. Turnaround is fair play.

  • Berzrkr50

    I once heard Howard Stern say that you can tell when you’ve entered NYC. He says the smell of piss hangs over everything! I tend to think that a lot of that smell is probably brain rot for the crap that liberals believe… I thank the Lord I know how to use my brain and make up my own mind!

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