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The Left Is Convinced Americans Won’t Fight For 2nd Amendment Rights

2nd Amend.

The Left Is Convinced Americans Won’t Fight For 2nd Amendment Rights

Once cowed at the thought of provoking Second Amendment supporters, leftists will soon attempt to ban “assault weapons” (and much more) as legislation offered by Dianne Feinstein makes its way to the Senate floor. It seems that D.C. liberals have finally become convinced that American gun owners are too cowardly, too lazy or too dependent upon the generosity of Big Brother to fight for their Second Amendment rights.

During the past four years, the gun banning-Left have watched as American buyers broke sales records in the purchase of semi-automatic rifles. Opting for these and other powerful, efficient weapons, it is estimated that some 100 million private citizens are now in possession of over 300 million firearms. And these numbers continue to grow with each passing month.

Yet it’s against this backdrop of America’s unprecedented determination to assert the fundamental permanence of Second Amendment guarantees that Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama and others will choose to implement gun bans, demand the federal registration of firearms, and even legislate outright confiscation.



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  • Buck

    So what ? They have ALWAYS been incredibly stupid , if they weren’t , they would be RIGHT instead of ” LEFT ” .

    • ONTIME

      Yep, but on the left they’re a special kind of stupid…..

      • Brian Richard Allen

        ….. Yep, but on the left they’re a special kind of stupid …..

        The kind that categorizes them according to their patron antisaint Joe Stalin’s characterization: “Usefully idiotic.”

        There are but two kinds of liberal:

        1. Those liberals too damned stupid to know they’re lied to and;

        2. Those lusters after unearned and undeserved power too damned evil not to do the lying.

        (The latter [think Lurch Kohn-Kerry, Al-Fredo Gore-leone, Buraq Hussayn, the traitor, Roosevelt and the Cli’tons et al] being the most absolutely idiotic to have ever walked the Earth. The power lust, after all, being the noxious weed that flourishes only in the truly-vacant lots of absolutely empty “minds”)

  • mickey

    All these nuts coming out from the left, it’s like ding dong school has just let out. I can’t believe how many unpatriotic people are out there against everything good about America. Obviously they are the ones who like to be taken care of by our government, they don’t have to worry, or go to work, because their savior OBMA the Illegal/Muslim /Fraud/SOB will take care of them. What a sick society there is in part of America. I hate to even think that we have mindless asses here in America, that would let an Illegal/Muslim/Obama try to become a dictator, in the takeover of America.

  • Ray Ake

    as always the LEFT is wrong again

  • $26222150

    Let’s just leave them in their happy delusional world.

  • Tim Gibson Sso

    If this was so then why are people out there buying guns and ammo. They are ready for a fight.

  • seaofteamerican

    This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they don’t belong here in our society as they have sold themselves out to the devil & they don’t know Americans very well do they?

  • SWright200

    They are wrong!!!

  • gator

    are they willing to bet thier lives? that is what it will cost them when they attempt to take our guns. patriots need to remember to go after every politician first when this civil war begins and it will. the politicians have stolen our God, our liberty, our homes, our futures, our retirement, our jobs, our money and our rights! time to clean house!

    • Randy

      Gator…you got that right…and I think going after each politician is the way to go..they are the ones that started this….now, lets finish this…

    • UStinman

      The Optimum word is “willing” and the tactic is correct,politicians first!

      My attention is on the NRA……will they rally us,or cave in ???
      well said.

      • Craig J. Townsend

        Cave, they have been taken over by the globalists a long time ago. Gun Onwrs of america is better and stronger at standing up that Wayne Neverthere.

        • Harry D. McLemore

          UStinman: Yes the NRA can and will Rally with us and lead from the front…not like the current President, leading from the rear. We are the Militia, like in the pioneer days. We are the homesteaders who own guns, know how to use them, we will be the defenders if push-comes-to-shove. I believe most of the Military and Vets will side with the constitution which they fought and died for. “In GOD we Trust”. Nuff said.
          Craig, you should really get your head out of the dark, and up back into the light. The NRA is the only one fighting for our 2nd amendment rights over the past 30-40 years. Now there are others some getting on the band wagon at last. The ILA is a part of the NRA. and going strong as well. Cave?, no way. Who do you think the Milita is that is referred to in the 2nd amendment? They are the NRA members, and all the hunters that have guns, and took the time to teach themeselves to shoot. I don’t think that OBAMA’s army even knows how to hold or load a firearm. Since most don’t know what an Assault Rifle is. None was used in CT. Check the Police Report…A long gun was found in the shooters vehicle, (A Shotgun), and no rifle in the school. A .22 cal rifle is not an assault rifle and that is what a .223 is. The AR in Ar-15 are the initials of the manufacturer of the rifle they are talking about, and this is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifle. You will not find an assaul rifle in a Semi-Auto. mode. They flit to Fully Auto when needed. The AR-15 DOESN’T. I’d rather have NRA shooters backing me anytime against any Anti-Gun shooters.

  • bmwsid

    I am afraid the left is way wrong. We have watched too much John Wayne, etc. and KNOW we will not live forever, anyhow. If you won’t stand for something, you will fall for anything Might as well go down defending the constitution we have sworn to defend, from ALL enemies, foreign or domestic. (Gee, I wonder why THAT was put in there?)

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The same people who say, “That bear won’t hurt you.”

  • Ed Haworth

    well I will fight . If an ” executive order ” is issued , that will be the first step towards everything this country has fought so many wars over !! The people will not stand for it . The next generation has to learn that you can not protect your freedom , playing a video game . Wake up folks , the world is turning. and not in the best direction !!!!

    • Jeff S Baty

      Obama thinks he can do anything he wants by issuing an ‘Executive Order’. He is abusing his powers and if he thinks the American people are just going to stand idly by and watch this moronic joker (with the finger in his a–), try to throw his tyrannical ideas around us, then he has alot to learn about Americans.

      • Harry D. McLemore

        As Regans ex-Attorney General said on TV, if Obama uses the Executive Order to effect the constitution in any way, it would be a Treasonable offence, and the House could start impeachment proceedings against him…but Reid would try to kill it in the Senate, as the Senate does the Trials on impeachment hearings. I don’t understand Nevada’s people putting him back in office, unless the votes in that state were FIXED as were the last election in PA, and OH. Philadelphia County in PA, and Cuyahoga County in OH were both 100% for Obama and 0% for Romney.

  • bb

    The prolem is, that no one with a brain is fighting effectively. The NRA is absent and the best they have is “post aguard at all schools.” Ignorant!

  • Mike11C

    They’re wrong and likely to end up “dead wrong” of they try to disarm us.

  • gwinf

    I wouldn’t bet on it!

    • UStinman

      what does that mean?……….you have no balls?

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real the feces in the wh/ovomit and the adminstration who are the excrument,to diane frankenstein madam,ovomit,biteme biden,you say the legal american gun owners,will not fight for the 2nd admendment,or our guns,mrs frankenstein/ovomit/feces/biteme biden.theres only one way to find out,and you can start with my 2 nd amendment.stop by and say hello we the people by me love company,brooklyn,new york.and we the people by me,only abide by the constitituion,we nullify and will not comply to any of your ineligibile treasonous traitor orders of any kind,god bless the real president romney,and the real vice president ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all legal{our you listening ovomit/biteme biden}american veternas/citizens.yea thou i walk in thhe shadow of the valley of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

  • cjs28

    Don’t just comment. Do something. Attend a rally, sign a petition, contact your representatives, tell the Whitehouse, volunter to fight gun control.

    • Jay

      Right on. Sharply worded comment threads won’t do the job. I contact my legislators regularly, although I must admit contacting Dick Durbin has a lot in common with banging my head on the wall…

  • Berzrkr50

    Lol, I just hope every left wing-nut opens their mouth and comes out in the open so that everybody KNOWS WHO THEY ARE! And while they’re at it, they can do the freedom loving patriots in this country a favor and paint a big, red bullseye on themselves…

    • gerf

      There is a list out there that includes all the gun haters ,about ten pages long

  • StarDust Dolittle

    First time obama lied to people about his religion. And those voting for him were promise a lot of free thing, and they voted for him. But as for me, l did not vote for him, l do believe he is very evil from the start amd the media is scared to death of him and his hoods. The congress is scared also.

  • chet

    Don’t count on it!

  • dad666

    there are over 100 million gun owners in this country and we have all been trained one way or another. Many of us have military experience including several wars from the past and will not bow to Obozzo and the liberal morons. If you think we won’t or can’t fight you are in for a rude awakening and beware that once it begins it will make the first civil war look like a sunday picnic

  • Ihatelibs

    These libtards will realize it when they look around and there aren’t any of them left.

  • Gary Janes

    Maby we should build a tall brick wall around DC and make sure they can’t leave, give them that little piece of land and don’t allow them out. Then we can have a republic once again with a new capitol and common sence laws. And we won’t have to listen to the Idiots anymore.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Fill it with water.

  • Jack sparrow

    light the match to burn your fkn house down

  • cordwinder

    Bad decisions make good stories.

  • Randy

    Let there be no doubt….We will fight….and win…then we take back OUR COUNTRY…

  • $679248

    They have good reason to feel that way! In every endeavor people that believe in the Constitution, fold to the lefts hysteria! Instead of taking charge, dispelling untruths, we let the Left run roughshod over us. Our way of life is being changed to totally government controlled run by the people that hate the country. They know Americans will passively go, because it will be presented as the good, fair and right thing to do, and bingo gone!

  • joe

    Let the games begin.

  • GDC

    I am ready for WAR!!!

  • GDC

    80 MILLION LEGAL Gun Owners and their families and friends taht is over 100 MILLION!!!! They can NOT WIN IF we stick together!!!!

  • GDC


  • DaveO

    Oh yeah, like the left thought that obama would only tax the rich. They found out they were wrong with the first paycheck of this new year. Let them keep thinking we won’t fight. The minute the first bullet is fired and we take back this great country back from these commies, the ones still alive, just may say we were wrong, they did fight. I hope they think fast, there’s not much time between the time the trapdoor opens and their traitorus necks snap at the end of the drop.

  • Ken Zmyslo

    Many people will buy guns and ammo; I just wonder how many can be expected to follow through if necessary.

  • whatitism

    The left will soon feel what Japan felt when they awoke a sleeping giant . From my COLD DEAD FINGERS and only from there will you get my gun.

  • Sawman

    Please don’t waste bullets on the leftist turds. Round them all up, bring them down to the Gulf, and we’ll feed the sharks. Why let them fill up real estate, let them fill the belly of black tip’s, mako’s, and hammer heads.

    For those that sponsor or introduce gun grabbing bills, we will fit you with a nice pair of cement shoes.

    Those that protect you will accompany you. We will video tape it and show those in DC the fate that awaits them. They can’t hide forever. Remember that your legislation puts my family in danger, likewise yours will be too. Blue crabs enjoy dining on your ilk also.

    Obama and gang was the best thing to happen to the gun and ammo industry for the last 5 years, can’t wait to see how well fishing in the GOM and bay crabbing improves.

    • Jeff S Baty

      Let’s make sure there is a ‘cliff’ they can fall off of

    • Harry D. McLemore

      May be a good idea, but should we really punish the sharks & crabs with bad meals?

  • pduffy

    This could be the sleeping giant that the left has awakened.

  • ron

    they think wrong things about us and are on the wrong side of history…progressives never learn

  • gmhunt4

    Everyone should read Ted Nugent, about giving up our guns……..

  • Sarah Conner

    This is what happens when you live in a bubble…time to eliminate the politicians…

    • Jeff S Baty

      Time to POP the bubble !!

  • e111w

    Let’s see, two Jews and a Marxist Muslim featured here. The Marxist Muslim I can comprehend – the Jews NOT. Given the history of the Jews throught their history – and the fact that Israel is under constant attack of one form or another – AND that Israelis are armed to-the-teeth it simply blows me out of all reason why we have a pile of Jews in favor of crippling (or destroying) the Second Amendment !!???? There is actually a Jewish coalition registered on the the anti-gun list.
    The only way I can feature this anomaly is to wonder whether that “coalition” might also be the same group of Jews who are part-and-parcel with the global corporate oligarchy dedicated to seize world economic control. Any other thoughts about this out there? I will note I know that not all of Judaism are anti-gun nor anti Second amendment. Don’t get started with the “bigoted intolerance” crap.

  • rams 375

    There is one way to fix stupid. I will honor my Oath,not like our politicians. It is close to time for reclaiming our country and Constitution. I defy this government and am ready to lay my life down for our Country and Flag. Without the 2nd Amendment there is no freedom. If you think you would be free you are a fool as were the Germans and Russians among many throughout history. Like I said “one way to fix stupid” and down the line there will come more apathy and more stupid. It always rises out of human greed and the want of power over others who are not bothering them or breaking any laws. Make me a criminal please and see if I remember my training. Please.


    The Faker in the WH is planning on using his obama army composed of the armed government agencies he has politicized, the government unions, the private sector unions and the ow’s/communist party…and they all want gun control for you and make the criminals life easier…
    The object lesson here would be to remove all tax paid security from those who advocate gun control and allow them the privilege of being naked and without to consort with the criminals and be the prey….

  • mary711

    You best look at the surveys that our Military are taking when they go in, and the possibility that even they might turn against their own. They have brainwashed them into thinking that they are not just our military but that they belong to the United Nations as well. Where are their allegiances to? Who will they follow? Who did they give their allegiance to, the Constitution? Obama? the U.N.? mary711

  • hangman57

    Liberals are really stupid,they have no problem attacking other people rights in a free country. There is no way these A————– H———— are getting our weapons. Obama is just one man in this great country. Americans are over 300 Million strong. Obama must be stopped…

  • hangman57

    Maybe gun owners need to start up and organize militia groups that are willing to fight against any kind of gun removel from citizens. This should be done in every state in this country.The time is now to start up and organize . These groups should be willing to protect the Consitution of these United States . We need to protect our way of life from foreign and domestic Terrorists . Even if it resides in our White House.

  • voldemort

    I don’t understand. All of congress have been told that a serious gun grab will ignite civil war. They still want to try? Also according to law and oath county sheriffs are supposed buffer their citizens from illegal laws. An executive order and even acts of congress do not trump a constitutional amendment.

  • cheetosareus

    Write your Senators..both of them. Most of them don’t live in our world or have to obey our laws. They have grown complacent and arrogant and they underestimate the anger that is boiling. I don’t think they understand. This has been going on at least since Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. “”Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The
    prohibition of firearms is the goal.” – Janet Reno, December 10,
    1993 AP

  • Ed

    It’s truly amazing that we have reached this point in defending our rights. All this has escalated way beyond stupidity. Unfortunately the “political morons” are splitting this “GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS” and the “Chief Moron” is so “Anti-American” that I can not for the life of me understand how he was re-elected. You would think that more people would have seen through his smoke screen and realized what he really stands for. It’s hard to believe that the next civil war is upon us. Yes, it IS happening. It makes me sick to think that there will be blood on my front lawn and fertilizer for the cacti if they even try to take my guns! I refuse to sit on my hands and allow them to destroy what so many “True Americans” have died for – to protect the freedom of the United States of America. Lord be with us.

  • John W.H.

    surprise, surprise !! let the moron left wing nut jobs, keep thinking we won’t fight to keep our guns, the crap going on in the middle east will look like a Sunday school picnic, compared to what it will look like here as soon as someone tries to take our guns.

  • copajoe

    for people that think the military would fire against Americans.I know people in the military and have asked them that question.they told me according to rules of armed engagement this would be an unlawful order and the military would not obey it.

  • auhunter

    I don’t know about the thousands of others out there, but I will and I have enough arms to outfit a squad, but some might have to learn to shoot black powder. Brown Bess takes some getting used to.

  • auhunter

    Wrong thought process, I won’t give up mine. The Supreme Court in 2010 held that the right to keep and bear arms in one’s home is a pre-political individual right that only sovereign Americans can surrender and that the government cannot take from us, absent our individual waiver. In other words unless you voluntarily surrender them they can’t take them. Sure wish I knew what case that was so I could copy it down for future reference.

  • Brian Richard Allen

    …. against Americans’ Absolute Determination to assert the fundamental permanence of Second Amendment’s Absolute Constraints upon them that Diane Feinswein, Mick Bloomberg, Buraq Hussayn et al will dare try to implement the kinds of gun bans previously pursued by the likes of such of their fellow-fascistic mass-murderer mate as Mussolini, Stalin, Marx and Lenin, Hitler, Hirohito, Ho Chi Minh and Mao Tze Tung and will attempt the federal registration of firearms — and even their outright confiscation ….

    Not the slightest snowball’s chance in Hell!

    Only from our cold dead hands!

  • Matt Patton

    If you want to send a message to the liberals that will help them see the right means what it says then go to this site and find out what else you can do.

  • TexasJester

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.”
    – Japanese Emperor Hirohito, 8 December 1941, after the Pearl Harbor bombing designed to deter America from stopping Japan’s military expansion in the Pacific Ocean and China.

    America went back to sleep in the 1970s and 1980s.

    “President” Obama and his ilk have similarly awakened the Sleeping Giant. And look how well that turned out for the Japanese….


    “the easiest way to conquer a nation us to diarm its citizens.”
    – Adolf Hitler.

    Hitler disarmed the Jews before and during WWII. Didn’t turn out too well for them.

    Hitler was democratically and legally elected (unlike our current “president”). People gave him power, then on the Night of a Thousand Knives (google it!), he consolidated his power with the assassinations of dozens of his political enemies.


    Folks, WAKE UP! The Sleeping Giant must rise again and vanquish yet another tyrant! Don’t wait until America experiences a Night like Germany did! By then it’s TOO LATE! (And don’t you DARE think that Obama couldn’t do this!)

  • TexasLady

    How can 500+ crooked politicians in Congress hold millions of Americans hostage? What is wrong with us?

  • rs1123

    The Left is wrong as nearly always they are. They also predict ‘wild west’ shootouts in the streets when concealed-carry laws go into effect and those do NOT happen.

  • jon

    they are in washington,and only have a finger on the real pulse of the people,and people are different there than in the south and west in some ways,but make no mistake we will fire back if threatened with confiscation, that is a promise i made to my dad ,who fought in ww2,and took a bullet for his country,he said never give anyone your weapons, it is a shame this idiot is trying so hard to divide us and tear us down,i pray for this to be over

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