Vigil Held For Elk Killed By Cop In Boulder, Colorado

A vigil was held for an elk killed by a cop in Boulder last week. The vigil was held on Mapleton Hill on Sunday evening, where neighborhood residents mourned the loss of the majestic animal.

The elk was shot fatally by an on-duty police officer and a second off-duty officer is suspected of helping to load the animal into a pickup truck, taking it away to be processed for meat.

The Daily Camera reports that Nancy Platt, of Boulder, stated of the bull elk:

“He was a beautiful animal. He was hurting nobody. He didn’t deserve what he got.”

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  • Gene

    I don’t have a problem with taking an elk for its meat, however I do have a problem with a on-duty police officer doing so. That should be their issue

    • r

      My question is; was it hit by a vehicle and couldn’t flee, sick or whatever. The story seems a little open ended (open to interpretation). Because he was on duty and I rather doubt he is suppose to hunt whilst on duty.

  • guest

    Was it a neighborhood pet? …or a nuisance? Did the cop have a hunting license? Was he hunting within legal limits or proximity of buildings? If he violated the law to fill his tag, he should be punished by the city and fined by state game warden, the picture is evidence.

  • Jay

    The cops amy have been wrong here, but…. vigil for an elk? Sounds like rich leftoids with nothing better to do.

    • Derek Schneider

      This is Boulder after all…a stronghold for the last vestiges of the hippie culture leftover from the 60’s.

  • Bill

    Now, let’s hear the Officer’s story.

  • Gerald Zirnstein

    My vigil would have been held over a table full of elk steaks, burgers, and jerky processed from the elk. Bon a
    ppetit Mr. Elk!!

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