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Ruger 77/357 Rotary Magazine Rifle Review

Posted on: January 7th, 2013

Luckily for firearms’ enthusiasts, gunmakers do us the favor of picking up old, tried-and-true shooting concepts and giving them a new spin. Take the idea of the pistol-caliber carbine, for example. Being able to feed both a long gun and a handgun from the same box of cartridges is a great way to reduce ammunition costs and lighten the load when out in the field. Most of these carbines arrive in the form of lever-action cowboy guns or AR semi-auto variants. But not too long ago, Ruger released an all-weather configuration M77 Mark II bolt-action rifle in .44 Mag. With the success of this rifle, the company has expanded the line to include a model chambered in .357 Mag.

This latest pistol-caliber carbine, dubbed the 77/357, is loaded with the features shooters have come to expect of Ruger rifles. The rugged, heat-treated stainless-steel action features a right-hand turning bolt with 90-degree bolt lift. The frame-mounted three-position safety, located at the rear of the bolt, is both accessible and practical since it can be positioned to unlock the bolt for loading and unloading the rifle with the safety fully engaged. The receiver is milled with Ruger’s patented integral scope mount, with three ring cuts to facilitate different scope sizes. As an added bonus, a free set of cast stainless-steel scope rings are included with the rifle. It’s a nice touch, making it much easier to get the rifle ready to shoot right out of the box.

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  • Jay

    How about a semi-auto ala the 10/22? A .357 would go great with my GP100.


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