Gun shows face restrictions after Newtown shooting, as planners seek ‘fair’ treatment

Four gun shows, all about an hour’s drive from Newtown, Conn., all canceled.

A show in White Plains, N.Y., — brought back a few years ago after being called off for a decade because of the Columbine shooting — is off because officials decided it didn’t seem appropriate now, either. In Danbury, Conn. — about 10 miles west of Newtown — the venue backed out. Same with three other shows in New York’s Hudson Valley, according to the organizer.

Gun advocates aren’t backing down from their insistence on the right to keep and bear arms. But heightened sensitivities and raw nerves since the Newtown shooting have led to toned-down displays at gun shows and prompted some officials and sponsors to cancel the well-attended exhibitions altogether.

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  • 2War Abn Vet

    One thing of which you can be certain, is that any time a lib says “fair”, they’re looking for ways to shaft you .

  • colleenf

    Oh, yeah, it is all about “fairness”. And when they start squawking the fairness crap, they equate that with the civil rights movement and it becomes a racial issue and then gun owners become the new racists and the evil ones in society.
    Beware the “fairness” crap.

  • If all 100 million law abiding gun owners show up to their states first day of Congress then maybe that will show them that we are a force to be reckoned with. Do it! Be there and stand up for our rights!

  • fliteking

    Truth be known , this is an ANTIQUE gun show. – – – – and I never see the limp wristed liberals demanding auto shows be suspended after a bad traffic accident .

    Common sense, something that always escapes the liberals.

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