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Guns Across America pro gun protest Januay 19, 2013

2nd Amend.

Guns Across America pro gun protest Januay 19, 2013

Here is an event being organized by Facebook page “Gun Control = More Crime” all gun owner and pro gun activist groups should promote and sponsor. Gun groups should get together and work together instead of fighting and arguing what types pro gun laws are the best or worst. The difference with the gun control groups is that they all have one goal in common, take our guns away.
Get in touch with Gun Control = More Crime and find out who your state organizer is and what your state gun laws are and participate.
Guns Across America | Facebook

This is from their Facebook page in case you don’t have a Facebook account

Hello patriots, it’s Eric from “Gun Control = More Crime” again. “Guns Across America” is going to take place Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 at “high noon.” This is going to be a peaceful picketing protest against ANY, AND ALL future gun legislation. This is our chance to reach out to our elected officials, and tell them NO NEW GUN LAWS! “Guns Across America” is being tailored to happen in every states capital city, at their capital building. The theory behind doing this event on a Saturday, is most conservative gun owners work a typical Monday through Friday job. I’m hoping for a massive response by doing this on a weekend.



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  • Roger Evans Sr.

    Find a way to tell us where the Demonstration is going to me and Maryland is the State I am most interested in, we are a Dems haven. God Bless Us All.

    • RPW

      It is Saturday January 19th at noon at your state capital building. In Maryland that would be in Annapolis

  • $13614178

    I just want to go on record with a future prediction based on historical realities , Here is my prediction , within ten years of the BANNING any firearms not already banned , their will be a at least two hundred million Americans murdered by the United States government , or what ever government name the give it .

    • Raven

      Please expand …

      • Jay

        Look at history.

      • Rosie46

        Look at Agenda 21 and Obama’s executive orders.

  • $13614178

    After a back check on todays population I want to decrease that account down to one hundred million the other one hundred million will be in ” work ” camps .

  • John Wolf


    • Mike Souders

      Whats the matter John Wolf, too cold for a “Sunshine Patriot”? What if Washington said it was too cold in Valley Forge???? STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • greyghost69

      You are not going goose hunting with me ever. I don’t want to hear how cold it is! I know!

  • I’m ready when you all are

    Anyone know how to get in touch with the Oklahoma members doing this ?

  • Molon Labe

    Is there a meeting scheduled in Dallas, Texas, close proximity or surrounding area?

  • colleenf

    I agree with my whole heart and soul that there is NO way our govt should remove our 2nd Amendment rights. But I am also very concerned that if those who own guns of any type (even BBs) should be concerned with letting the govt know if they own them. Big Brother IS out there watching and listening.
    Advertising your pro gun stance is one thing, but letting this thugocracy KNOW you have guns is disconcerting to say the least.
    I do NOT trust obama and thugs.

  • USPatroitOne

    I am the host of the web radio show “The Patriot Report” and will be at the Ohio State House Jan 19th and I hope 100’s of thousands of other Ohio Gun owner will be there! My show is on We the People can’t takethis any longer…we need to move by the millions…!!! If not Obama and his Communist Cronies will take everything we have, including our lives!

  • $5905143

    We will fight until Obama and his Nazi gangsters have uttered in complete defeat..

  • bobalo59

    I’m trying to orginize a group of my friends to share a ride to Michigans state capital. We need to show these idiot politicians that not only are there a lot of gun owners around that are pissed, but that we can carry and actually NOT kill anyone.

  • dempseycoleman

    please come on out support this I know we will bever get a million man march but the more the better
    try for more than O’s swearning party will he screw up again so he can do a private one so he can use the koran

  • $24629645

    Sounds like a great idea but it also sounds like a chance to be a sitting target. Nothing more the libs would like than to find a way to get a whole bunch of gun owners together at one time and use it to their advantage

  • Brian Bertha

    Not enough info and detail cant just announce a date

  • fliteking

    | A Place To Email Washington About Gun Control Free·Easy·Effective |

    Gun Owners Of America Page – – – Takes 2 Minutes to Send The Message

    Please Copy / Paste / Forward / Twitter / Facebook

  • Gina R

    This should be made even bigger. Why not have protests not only in every state capitol, but also in every county? I could actually make it to one that close. Anyone?

    • greyghost69

      Boone county, Hellinois. About 65 miles west of Chitcago. Any takers? I’m in!

      • greyghost69

        I don’t see any Demwits here so, I am going to take a chance; Anyone near Northern Hellinois, respond to I can always block the morons. We can go to State and Perryville in Rockford, it is one of the busiest intersections on the planet.

  • Howard

    The new proposed gun control legislation will do nothing but disarm those who are honest and law abiding. Don’t believe that they will stop with a small bite ( banning what they call “assault weapons” but which should actually be called “personal defense weapons)
    There are many in government, and elsewhere, who are perfectly ready, willing and able to take the guns out of the “cold, dead hands” of their fellow citizens.
    “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win, is for enough good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

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