The new .17 Winchester Super Magnum

Winchester has been tooling away on an all new rimfire cartridge, one that might see a bit of success compared to other recent and even less recent rimfires: the .17 Winchester Super Magnum. Early reports of its performance alone should be enough to grab the attention of rimfire fans.

That’s because this isn’t some hopped-up, over-pressure .22 caliber case that’s been necked down to .17 cal. For this new cartridge, Winchester tapped a different market entirely.

“This is not jut a hotter loaded .17 HMR,” said Brad Criner, senior rimfire product manager at Winchester, to Mike Schoby at Petersen’s Hunting. “We have a power fastener division of the company… you know, they make cartridges for power nail guns and such. Well, we based this case off of the .27-caliber power fastener case. It gives us more case capacity, can handle higher pressures and ultimately more velocity. Lots more velocity.”

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