The new .17 Winchester Super Magnum

Winchester has been tooling away on an all new rimfire cartridge, one that might see a bit of success compared to other recent and even less recent rimfires: the .17 Winchester Super Magnum. Early reports of its performance alone should be enough to grab the attention of rimfire fans.

That’s because this isn’t some hopped-up, over-pressure .22 caliber case that’s been necked down to .17 cal. For this new cartridge, Winchester tapped a different market entirely.

“This is not jut a hotter loaded .17 HMR,” said Brad Criner, senior rimfire product manager at Winchester, to Mike Schoby at Petersen’s Hunting. “We have a power fastener division of the company… you know, they make cartridges for power nail guns and such. Well, we based this case off of the .27-caliber power fastener case. It gives us more case capacity, can handle higher pressures and ultimately more velocity. Lots more velocity.”

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  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I think my wife needs one….. to give to me ’cause she luvs me so much…..

  • pduffy

    Where the heck is the production rifle? Seems like they should have released both the cartridge and a production weapon at the same time?

  • Guest

    Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .Need one . . .

  • Chicken_Shiite

    I love my Marlin Bull Barrel .17HMR scoped in 5-20×50 with a threaded barrel to accept my QuickSilver .223 titanium suppressor. Yes, at a considerable distance it will remove hairs from a gnat’s ass.

    Absolutely devastating to small game and doesn’t even move when you pull the trigger. Head shot are necessary if the game is to be taken for the table.

    Squirrel brains and eggs are not on the menu.

    • fliteking

      Dam-it, just plunked down cash on a new 223 today . . . and now due to your post . . . I have to go back into “convincing mode” to get the wife on board for a 17 w/accessories.

      Actually, great post.

      • Chicken_Shiite


        Mine has the stainless barrel with the grey laminate stock. It is a dream to shoot and at 200 yards, with a shot to the neck, will drop coyotes and javelinas like you pulled the rug out from under them.

        • fliteking

          Would love to go javelina hunting, maybe when I retire.

          A fair amount of nusiance goose licenses are given in my area now, seems this would be just to tool . . . . settle in at the edge of corn fields near a small lake an hour before dusk . . .

          Side note, the son-in-law just traded his Mossberg Bolt for a Marlin , excellent quality on the Marlin, impressive.

  • fliteking

    A semi-auto would be a party in a box.

  • Pointman 49

    Gentlemen & Ladies pardon me for asking a question not of the blog subject matter. I do so because among you, I feel I will get an informed answer. I have noticed in the past few days, on different sites, the availability of a .400 guage shotgun shell. This is totally foreign to me. Is this guage intended for a handgun??

  • Sawman

    Why not just use a .221 Fireball or .22 Hornet?
    Oh , yeah, Winchester needed to reinvent the wheel at a time few manufacturers will risk offering the new wildcat chambering. If someone wants a “Hot .22”, they have existed for decades. Since it is rimfire it locks the consumer into buying factory ammo that will be as expensive as centerfire. Winchester offering a few platforms to fire it will not prevent the demise of a .27/22WTF Rimflyer. If W-W decides to start making AR’s or AR uppers that can reliably feed and hold 50rds in the space of a GI 30rd mag, I bet they won’t be able to make them quick enough, likely by an offshore outsourced plant in a 3rd world country.

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