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Mac 1911 Bobcut Pistols From Eagle Imports – Compact Performance .45 ACP

Posted on: January 2nd, 2013

Eagle Imports, the exclusive distributor of the Metro Arms family of products, brings the powerful and compact MAC 1911 Bobcut to the American public.Eagle Imports MAC 1911 Bobcut Chrome pistol

The MAC 1911 line-up was developed by Hector Rodriguez, a former competitive shooter. MAC 1911 pistols are known world-wide for their precise fit and function delivering performance and repeatable accuracy right out of the box.

Eagle Imports MAC 1911 Bobcut Blue pistolThe MAC 1911 Bobcut model, available in a deep blue or hard chrome finish, is a single-action, semi-auto, .45 ACP compact pistol.

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  • fliteking

    Looks like a nice 45.

    That said there are a number of US made 45’s at a great price these days, and an even better deal is to buy a used handgun .

    You can also get a number of revolvers in 357mag that are great for concealed carry and have nearly the same knock down power.

    Times are tough, look at your options.

  • Kathy Skaggs

    I have a Para 1911 with a 3 in barrel that is a lot smaller than this and easier to carry concealed. I also have a Kimber 1911 about the size of this gun and it is a lot harder to conceal.


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