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David Gregory walks free while Iraq vet was jailed


David Gregory walks free while Iraq vet was jailed

It’s been more than a week since police in Washington, D.C., opened an investigation into NBC’s David Gregory’s possession of a “high-capacity magazine” that’s prohibited in the District on on national TV. Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier’s spokesman refused Monday to respond to whether Mr. Gregory had even been interviewed yet. This is a rather curious departure for a city that has been ruthless in enforcing this particular firearms statute against law-abiding citizens who made an honest mistake.

In July, The Washington Times highlighted the plight of former Army Spc. Adam Meckler, who was arrested and jailed for having a few long-forgotten rounds of ordinary ammunition — but no gun — in his backpack in Washington. Mr. Meckler, a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, says he had no idea it was illegal to possess unregistered ammunition in the city. He violated the same section of D.C. law as Mr. Gregory allegedly did, and both offenses carry the same maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and a year in jail.

Mr. Meckler was charged with the crime and was forced to accept a plea deal to avoid the cost and time of a protracted legal fight. The indefensible nature of Mr. Meckler’s case led directly to a new law passed by the D.C. Council in December that allows prosecutors to file civil instead of criminal charges, but only if the accused was unaware of the city’s laws.



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  • Saint

    Sounds to me like DC cops are as corrupt as the politicians & the lame-stream radical wing-nut media that they’re protecting..

  • mogul264

    So the media and the d.a. are hand-in-glove here. Is ANYBODY surprised? But the media is SUPPOSED to be on the side of the common people, their base, the readers! Why are they not BAYING at the heels of the district attorney here? Could it be they are …GASP!….NOT being objective, fair, balanced? But that is the JOB of the media…..wait, I forgot, they are all in the Socialists; pockets,especially the editors!

  • CaptTurbo

    I’d like to take Gregory fishing. Fish love maggots.

  • Brassy

    More and more. If you want justice; you’ll have to make it yourself.

  • Rattlerjake

    We all knew nothing would happen. I’m sure the investigation will go the same way that the internal investigations of shootings by cops does, they’ll conclude it was justified.

  • Greg

    People please, the police only enforce the law that is written by the lawmakers,most of them don’t agree with them,these are the same lawyers that free felons and make victims of crimes look like they deserve to get victimized,and then they get elected to office and pass more laws to tie the hands of the police and us,to rid our streets of the thugs,yes there are a few bad police,but more good ones than bad .

  • watchdogman

    Entire DC population should be very concerned when the second civil war errupts…

  • Tomtom

    Gregory is a FAG !!,,,

  • justamused

    Yes, we should expect an UNEVEN application of the law in Washington, District of Criminals!

  • Starbrander

    So You Haven’t Been To Chocolate City….well, It’s Milk Chocolate Now….The Only City Or Town That Is Not Corrupt Is Kennesaw, Georgia,Where Every Home Owner Must Have a Gun….It’s Polite,Clean, Safe And the Government Fears The People Therefore a Pre Obama America

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