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Suarez vs. Assam: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Posted on: January 2nd, 2013

Jeanne Assam famously stopped a spree killer, Matthew Murray, at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs in December of 2007. He’d killed four people and wounded five others when Assam, a former Minneapolis cop and security volunteer at the church engaged him. Her action and heroism that day — not to mention the lives she no doubt saved — have become prime examples held up by those on the pro-2A side for liberal concealed carry laws and the elimination of “gun free” zones. So, as you might expect, she’s been a go-to source for an informed opinion on the matter of active shooters since Sandy Hook. But much to the disappointment of pro-gunners, her views on the matter aren’t quite what they’d hoped for . . .

In a recent blog post, Assam agrees with most in the gun control industry on the NRA’s School Shield proposal. Basically, she thinks cops are really the only ones trained and qualified enough to deal with an active shooter situation.

Arm teachers? Isn’t that a bit irresponsible? I thought the same thing when they wanted to arm pilots. Let teachers be teachers, let pilots be pilots, and let the police be the police.

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