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Introducing The Computerized Fishing Rod SMARTROD

Posted on: January 1st, 2013

Imagine being able to tell the moment a fish snags your lure while fishing. Now, with SMARTROD, you will be alerted when the next fish bites … even if you aren’t near your pole.

According to GizMag, the computerized POLETAP SMARTROD is a water-resistant rod created by Kansas-based inventor Ed Hope. It works with any reel, and contains an accelerometer that detects the telltale jerk of a fish taking the lure.

The fisherman can use a single-button to switch from High, Medium and Low sensitivity settings. The Medium and Low settings are intended for times where you might be trolling or fishing in rain storms, in which the rod is likely to be subjected to a lot of non-fish-caused movements.

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  • fliteking

    Seems to be a fairly specialized rod . . . . but a guy can NEVER have to many fishing rids.

  • guest

    Oh come on; must we have computer-control of everything? Oldsters taught us kids to attach bells or flags to tip-ups and trot-lines. Gives users an excuse to blame the rod for not telling them they had a nibble– OP (operator problem.)


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