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Varmint Hunting Tips: Clean a Coyote Hide with Your Washing Machine

Posted on: January 1st, 2013

I’m a fan of the saying “work smarter, not harder.” With that sentiment, I bring you this photo. It’s easy to prevent getting a hide bloody if you’re a trapper—most of the time. But if you do any predator hunting with a rifle, you know darn well that it’s hard to not end up with bloody hides. I’ve spent hours washing out coyote hides in five-gallon buckets.

A few weeks ago, I happened by chance to get a crack at a coyote, and shot him in the head with a .17 HMR. I dreaded putting that hide up; the coyote was gushing blood when I dragged him back to the truck.

I’ve grown accustomed—through trapping—to keeping hides clean and not having to wash them in the first place. After thawing him out and skinning him, I spent some time figuring out options to cheat my way out of this less than appealing job. Then it hit me: use a washing machine.

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  • Rattlerjake

    I’ve been doing this for years with most types of hides. I also use a dyer, on a no heat setting to tumble and soften tanned hides; just throw in a couple pair of old running shoes.

  • CheeseandRice

    Wonder if it works for two-legged varmits as well?

  • Ken Hughes

    Great Idea

  • just a girl

    LOL I’d tan my husband’s hide if he came NEAR my washing machine with his coyote hide!!!! I sure would make him get his OWN machine. Or- tell him well now this machine is yours, I get a brand new fancy one!

  • James Foley

    I wonder if it would take out the wrinkles from a varmint like Harry Reid? :)

    • CaptTurbo

      If it does, we can toss Nancy Piglousy, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, and Chuckie Schumer in there to see how it does on them. I do think they should all be cleaned in acid first though.

      • Matt Patton

        What happens when you give Viagra to a Liberal democrat politician,
        they get taller.

    • Ricky Price

      You can’t help him . He is brain dead.

  • 19gundog43

    One word…laundermatt.


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