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Don’t Hold Us Accountable–We Just Want Your Guns

Another Christmas holiday has passed and the family of border patrol agent Brian Terry still have no answers as to why no one is being held responsible in their son’s death in the DOJ Fast and Furious debacle. Also don’t forget the thousands of innocent Mexican citizens who have been massacred by the very same guns our government released to known drug lords/cartels and terrorists despite not informing the Mexican leadership. Woops! Our bad, but it was Bush’s fault, right Eric Holder? Of course let us not forget how our mainstream media has also decided not to cover any news on the topic. Even after Univision did a scathing piece on the newest revelations of the F&F gun walking operation, all three major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) said nothing about it. I guess they were too busy at that time trying to find out if Mitt Romney had dust bunnies under his bed?

This past October, reports were released suggesting the DOJ “failed to pay attention to red flags” regarding Fast and Furious. Despite the request that Congress needed to “look further into the Department of Justice”, the five senior agency officials in charge–Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, acting Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein and Associate Deputy Attorney General Ed Siskel–are still on payroll. Unfortunately this sounds very similar to another recent story when the State Department failed to provide adequate duties to protect 4 Americans who died because of the “failure to acknowledge the red flags” that were reported in Benghazi. Perhaps if you work for this administration, you are completely colorblind and therefore can’t see the color red?

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