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MOLON LABE!!!! ~ Come and Get Them

2nd Amend.

MOLON LABE!!!! ~ Come and Get Them

Two simple Greek words of defiance, MOLON LABE or Μολὼν λαβέ, echo through the ages to Americans here and now , thousands of years after the Battle of Thermopylae.

These two words signify the refusal to simply roll over and submit to the demands of a tyrant with overwhelming force at his disposal demanding free people to lay down their arms.

Through out human history there is example after example of Citizens exhibiting extraordinary courage in the face of overwhelming force and superior technology to fight for and if necessary die for their freedom and the freedom of future generations.

When King Xerxes swept across the European Continent on his quest for World Domination, he encountered such iron willed determination and irrepressible spirit of resistance in Leonidas and the Spartans defending Greece.



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  • JL Brown Jr

    The want to denie use the right to keep and bear arms, that they don’t agree with.
    We saw this with Obama care, forcing it down our throats, but I don’t think this is going to go that smoothly. There are way to may people that understands, our right to keep and bear arms, is to resist a government that no longer cares what its people want. To refuse my children the right to have my guns passed down, as it was passed from my granddad, to my dad, from my dad to me,
    If Obama is so anti gun, why does he put his kids in a school, that has security armed with automatic weapons, but he would refuse us our rights to defend our kids with semi automatic weapons.
    If those states want to refuse access to those weapons, why not put it on the ballot. Let the states determine what they want, those in Washington, need to get out of this state of mind, we know better.
    Look at history, the only reason the Japanese did not attempt to land on US soil, yammotto knew there would be a gun behind each blade of grass. And if you really think the world is a safer place, look at our troops, tell them its a safer place. History also shows, once the guns are reg, then they know where to come to confiscate. If that day ever comes, I fear the second civil war will be triggered.
    When we fail to have representation, as now, its more of dictation. They tell you what you can eat, drink, drive, light your house with, its time those in Washington remember they are suppose to work for us, but they have forgotten that, for them its how much power, how much money they line their own pockets with. Have you seen how much money Obama is taking in each month. But he is yelling the highest about class warfare. I see Washington going after the 2 nd amendment, once we can’t fight back, then they go after the 1st to silence those who oppose, and finally the 22, so the oinioted one can stay in power. Dictator like cha as, who can stop him after all this. Did you hear harry belafonte gave his president the advise, to jail all that don’t agree with you! That is the real reason we need our weapons.
    You say it can’t happen here, I don’t want to chance that, do you

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  • MontieR

    I have had enough. Molon Labe ! I gave my oath in 1980 and it stands today.

    • bobalo59

      Agreed, I gave mine in 78, and never once saw an exparation date attatched to it.

  • john Goult

    Oath given in 1963! MOLON LABE!!!

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