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Troy Defense Statement on Dick’s Canceling Black Friday Carbine Orders

One-time gun seller Dick’s Sporting Goods is taking heat from customers who ordered and paid for Troy Defense carbines during their Black Friday sale. Now that Dick’s has decided that selling black rifles is a little too disturbing in a post-Newtown world, they’ve informed all of those prepaid customers that they won’t be making good on their orders. The retailer will refund the money, of course, and will throw in a $100 gift card on top of it. But that hasn’t made their customers too happy. To say nothing of Troy Defense, which Dick’s left hanging with no notification of their decision – other than what Troy read in the media. Troy’s press release on the situation (via is reprinted after the jump . . .

Troy Defense (Troy), a division a Troy Industries, Inc., was deeply dismayed and shocked to hear through national media outlets that Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) made the decision to stop selling the Troy Carbine along with other modern sporting rifles. DSG did not contact or inform Troy of this decision prior to notifying the public. Nor was Troy informed by DSG that cancellation letters were being sent to customers, set to arrive on Christmas Eve (a day Troy was closed).

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  • fliteking

    You know what? Dick’s are a bunch of dickless dicks, they have prospered for years from the sales to hunters, fisherman and outdoorsman. Now the politically correct as*wipes want to decide for us what is correct and what is not.

    Show them you have stones much bigger than theirs, buy all of your outdoor related goods online at different vendors or at your local shops.

    Consider Joe’s down on the corner or Gander Mountain etc.

    Hey Dickless Dick’s –



    …………………/…./ /





    ……….”…………. _.·´



  • Poodleguy

    Makes me wonder just how many prospective customers they have lost & will lose by taking this action. I do know that they have lost me from here on!

    • flagged

      I’m gone. Never again will I step foot into Dicks…

    • Rattlerjake

      I have been into Dick’s only once for their not so ‘Grand Opening’. Never liked it, never will.

  • whynot

    Boycott will hit them right where it hurts…..if you do enough you can close them down!!!!!

    • fliteking


      • Gary

        I never thought they were that good! I have gone in two stores and was not that impressed ! I find cabellas and Bass Pro and many others a hell of a lot better they can get the hell out of Texas!

        • james crawford

          And Florida!

          • Studcantrell

            And Mississippi!

        • Rattlerjake

          And the Carolinas!

        • LLinLa

          And Louisiana!

        • Jim Fishback

          and Kentucky

          • Gary L. Contreras

            first one i ever seen was in michigan about13 or 14 years ago…..and they sucked then too…..thought they were too good for the average joe hunter

        • fliteking

          And NY

        • Tracy J Wilder

          and Maine!!

    • R. Lancaster

      And Arizona

      • Nana

        Virginia, too!

  • Terry Smith

    Now they will learn that liberal and sporting goods do NOT go together.

  • LibertysSon

    Well, That’s the last time I shop at the gutless, politically correct “Dick’s”

    • Rattlerjake

      Nope, I will go one more time and that is when they are going out of business to scarf up any hunting gear for pennies on the dollar. Then I’ll piss on the floor on my way out.

      • fliteking

        “Then I’ll piss on the floor on my way out.”

        there is a twist I would not have seen! Funny as he11.

  • Watchdogman

    NEVER shop at Dick’s sporting goods…maybe other wholesalers doing business with Dicks should notify them ( Dicks) that they will no longer supply their particular goods through Dicks!!!

  • Jeff Rhodes

    I dont shop there anyway, because they are over priced. Since they did this, they are now on my boycott list. I really dont understand why places like this are domonizing these types of weapons. But they will loose my business.

    • flagged

      The rifle I went to Dicks to purchase, the Mossberg tactical .22, was so scary looking that they pulled. When I bought it at Academy Sports it was $25 less expensive….

  • donotlikeit

    I’ve just shredded the Dick’s customer card from my key chain. The Dick’s I previously purchased from can now join the store next door which closed about 4 months ago.

  • Dan from Ohio

    sue the a holes…

  • 2War Abn Vet

    One more seller I will no longer utilize.

    • fliteking

      I know, there are sellers and brands I will not buy too.,

  • Dennis Smith

    all can say is buy and stock pile, learn to reload, then consider battle feild pick up, and last learn to use your enemys weapons better then him. Practic,practic, and practic even more until you make a mistake, then start over at the begining. The person who knows the basics the best has a chance to be the victor. They not going to quit, until one of us wins the battle. Reducating the American citizens that have bin dumbed down can help to stop these attacks and there power, but that takes time and they will little by little eat away at our rights until they have a foot hold on the polical battle and then use that to drag America into the UN goal of taking all our God given rights. Or we grow a pair as a nation and put to laws that enforce stronger efert to enforce the idea that it as a crime to try to pass laws that conflict with constatutional God given rights that are not open for discussion. And to enforce the idea that those who these actions are commiting treason to there oath as a public servent and punish them by death or the removal from the usa with no chance of returning.

  • gunrunner

    BOYCOTT DICK’S,,buy nothing from them and watch the stock holders jump on there back’s and fire the IDIOT that started it..

  • smokeatr23

    Maybe another retailer should honor the customers orders Dicks canceled. I never did like that place and was very Happy when Sportsmans Warehouse opened close to me. Buds Gun Shop is in my town too and I go to them for all firearms. They are the cheapest by far.

  • Captain Chaos

    I have never spent any money at Dick’s nor do I intend to. Cabelas is not that far away and I would rather spend my money there. That spineless bunch of noDicks doesn’t deserve any of my money.

  • Studcantrell

    I went to Dicks the day they pulled the “black” rifles to purchase a Mossberg tactical 715 and was told they were out of them. I had just been in there a few days prior there were plenty. I went home and called all the Dicks in the area to get the same response…we are out. So I called Academy Sports and was told they had 2 left. I made a beeline to purchase one for my sons birthday….

    Then to find out those Dicks pulled the rifles, I wrote them a very nasty email. I am head of one household with three avid hunters, four fishermen, two baseball players and one football player. We target shoot every week. Since they pulled the “black” scary looking rifles I am pulling all of our business…. Haven’t heard back….

    • fliteking

      Good action on your part, and you won’t hear back from Dick’s. I will be spreading the word about Dicks for years to come, even embellishing the original story as needed.

      I emailed them, have bought 4 small boats over the years, to much tackle to even quantify, rods, reels, boots, jackets, work shirts, hats, ammo, gifts . . .NO MORE.

      Companies like Dick’s are the ENEMY of good Conservatives.

  • flagged

    I went to Dicks the day they pulled the “black” rifles to purchase a Mossberg tactical 715 and was told they were out of them. I had just been in there a few days prior there were plenty. I went home and called all the Dicks in the area to get the same response…we are out. So I called Academy Sports and was told they had 2 left. I made a beeline to purchase one for my sons Christmas present…corrected…

    Then to find out those Dicks pulled the rifles, I wrote them a very nasty email. I am head of one household with three avid hunters, four fishermen, two baseball players and one football player. We target shoot every week. Since they pulled the “black” scary looking rifles I am pulling all of our business…. Haven’t heard back….

    • Nana

      Are they “racist”, too?

      • flagged

        Evidently! I have a white son and a black son I took in. They joke about the guns being racist all the time…lol

  • Mark Mason

    boy cot Dicks and do not purchase anything there, that will, if enough people out there have the balls to stand up for our 2nd Amendment, and then go to another store and or look for someone who will sell you a rifle that you may want or have just in-case you need one and do not think you won’t, God bless

  • conservative

    I’ll never see th inside of the new Dick’s store in my area.

  • Rick Eastlund

    I quit shopping at Dicks years ago, after a handgun was used at a mass shooting. Dicks quit selling handguns then. Clinton was president and I think they wanted to kiss his backside. It is mostly a store for libs, summer time camping gear, mountain bikes and exercise equipment, but very little fishing gear or hunting gear. at least here in Denver.

  • USMC and America proud

    Won’t have to boycott them! Academy sports chain is putting them out of business! Academy Sports just opened up in my area? Well guess what! An employee of Dick’s set their new store on fire, trying to save his job!
    I HATE political correctness! Being a Marine, I KNOW that people having guns SAVE more lives than is taken! Every time some nut job kills people like in Sandy, the idiots on the left (not all lefty’s, just the idiots) want to try to eliminate the second amendment and go door to door grabing our guns! Yet these SAME people ignore how many are killed by drunk drivers each year! Not only ignore, but cry “Won’t you try to understand the poor drunkard! They can’t help it!”
    And you’ll notice that the leftist Media NEVER compare how many are killed by gun violence versus drunk drivers? See they have thrown in with the Marxists in government who want to disarm the people so that they can rule over us, instead of for us! They use what seems like legitimate argument that if guns were harder to put your hands on, maybe you wouldn’t try to kill each other! Yet how many news sources ran the story out of China, where no one is allowed to own guns, when at the same time, another crazed individual kills (or tried to) 22 children at a school! Not having a firearm, he used either a sword or some kind of knife to slash up the kids!
    My point? You can’t stop a crazy person that has lost hope! They will do what they’re going to do anyway they can! If a gun isn’t a available, poison, fire, bombs, etc! There are lots of ways to accomplish the evil in your tortured soul!

    • Rattlerjake

      Remember, the reason that they let the drunk drivers get away with “murder” is that most politicians are nothing but drunks. They are immune from prosecution when caught.

      • USMC and America proud

        Know how you can tell when a politician is drunk?

        When they inadvertently tell us the truth!

  • Lonesome


  • DaHeat

    “Dick’s” are truly a dick! Time to shop for a different, better vendor!!!…

  • bigdog4332

    Every sportsman should write Dicks, and any other Gun dealer off their list! Don’t just boycott, stop doing any business at all so they will see who their customers are. The anti gunners are not putting food on their table, and neither should you. Cheaper than Dirt sold out for a week than realized which side their bread was buttered on.

  • Matt Patton

    Help Troy out Stop supporting Dick’s

  • anniesdad

    Dicks has every right to stop selling guns if that is what they feel is the moral thing to do. Of course we as consumers have every right to from now on only shop at their competiors stores. They need to remember that every action has a reaction.

  • Sharpshooter003

    NA NA NA NAA … Hey Hey Goodbye

  • Jay

    I quit shopping at Dick’s when I discovered that Gander’s overpriced ammo was cheaper. No great loss.

  • Terry Adams

    Ok everyone we know how to handle this. We went to chick-fil-a to show support now we dont go to dicks anymore to show them who spends the cash. Let them go out of business. They are nothing but a leftist company anyway.

  • Midwestmike

    This is easy just don’t shop at Dicks. Let’s watch their stock collapse. There are lots of reputable stores out there that actually believe in the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

  • pduffy

    This may be the first time in modern corporate history that a company just committed suicide. I will never shop at Dick’s again, even if they recant, they have tipped their hand that the corporate goons that run that company are leftists.

  • a_browning

    Boycott Dick’s Sporting Goods for telling us what we can not buy that is legal. Also remember to boycott Cheaper Than Dirt for price gouging.

  • john

    Who CASTRATED Dick? Or did it just shrivel up. Dickey boy I will be finding another American store to
    spend my hard earned cash.

  • Nana

    Why won’t you let me sign the petition?

  • John Brashear

    all Americans can do, which is plenty, is Boycott these business, and stop paying for their own demise,……..and those who were outed by the news paper in New York,…STOP buying the news paper and boycott those who advertise in it……it’s simple and effective….and it’s FREE

  • tt82

    I received a gift card from dick’s. Anyone have an idea of what I should do with it ?

  • viking

    This takes the cake. I will never shop at Dickless again, bunch of Obama lackys.

  • Asotal

    They can get the hell out of Colorado too.

  • HorseTeethSam

    Don’t forget Cheaper Than Dirt has ceased selling firearms, too.

  • Jerry Wood


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