Activist re-launches anti-toy gun campaign

A Santa Monica, Calif. peace activist is reinvigorating his push to discourage children from playing with toy guns and parents from purchasing them.

Activist Jerry Rubin’s “Alliance for Survival” peace group is encouraging children and families to say “no” to guns with a “No Toy Guns Merit Award Project” in response to the Newton, Conn. shooting which left 20 children and six adults dead, the Santa Monica Mirror reported.

The group will offer a personalized, frameable certificate to children and families that send the alliance a letter explaining “Why I will not buy toy guns for my children” or for children, “Why I do not like to play with toy guns.”

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  • ron

    JERRY RUBIN, i thought had disappered to the soviet union years ago.. Such a fine outstanding patriot here. He must be joking trying his PC crap again.. i wonder how much tax money he has been able to squander over the years.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Hmm, still working to destroy the United States after all these years.

  • GDC

    They are afraid a child may go on a pretend mass shooting

  • mesaman

    You can’t fix stupid. His years in hippyville has cooked his cerebral cortex. Now he wants to pretend to be an activist all over again. Not today, nor any other day, Rubin. Go suck an egg.

  • fliteking

    I bet the activists are all Pro-Abortion.

  • James Fontana

    Must be these nut jobs never played cowboys and indians when they were kids. They are of the sit on their butt in front of the game console era. It seems more and more nut jobs come out of the woodwork everyday with all their foolishness. Have to be Obama loving liberals

  • Captain Chaos

    Another Idiot with a hairbrained scheme. Lord, please save us from brainless people.

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