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Brownells Sells Over Three Years’ Worth of AR Magazines in Under 72 Hours

While the holiday shopping season may be lackluster for most retailers, firearm and ammunition suppliers such as Brownells are seeing unprecedented demand.

According to the company’s user account on the rifle enthusiast forum, Brownells has sold roughly 3.5 years worth of 30-round PMAG magazines in a 72-hour period along with “an even greater amount of our Brownells magazines.” In a year with soaring firearm related purchases, not even the industry was fully prepared for the wave of demand that surfaced in December. Following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and the potential introduction of stricter gun control legislation, AR-15-related products became the number one priority for many buyers.

Many retailers sold out in days and placed customers on back order, promising that sales will resume once they received new stock.

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  • all these threats from politicians ever do, is create a run on what ever it was they were going to ban, I was told once “if you want GOD to laugh, just announce your plans out loud to him”

  • Ron Obvious

    If the data about AR’s and High Cap. mags sells is true, then we should see a significant up swing in Newton style mass murderers… according to the anti-Assault weapons people. Isn’t their claim that banning/getting these these weapons out of the hands of private citizen will make the public safer, thus the opposite should be true, and since this B.S. about banning assault weapons has driven an huge increase in Assault Weapons sales as well as high capacity magazine sales, then we should see a 300% to 400% increase in these Mass Murders involving Assault-style weapons with High Capacity Magazines… right??? Of course that is absolute B.S., and I seriously doubt we see any increase in the number of mass murders – school or mall shootings. In fact, I expect to see a decrease in these kinds of shootings, or a the very least a decrease in the number of victims in area where Conceal Carry are permitted. In the Firearm Free Zones, look for business as usually!

    • Kenneth Kirkham

      You might see more mass murders if Obummer/Holder decide they need more attacks…just saying

  • Ron Obvious

    How about we make these politicians abide by the same laws they push on us… No more armed security details for Fienstien, Pelosi or Reid, and no personal firearms (Ms. Fienstein), and let’s see them lead by example for a change, instead of do what I say, not what I do!

  • NymRod

    The price of 1,000 round bulk .223/5.56 ammo went from $400.00 a few weeks ago to $999.00 today.

    • redd

      Capitalism at it’s finest!!! Ya Gotta Love It!!!

      • NymRod

        The 30 rnd P Mags went from $18 to $40.

  • redd

    That’s alot of Magazine sales!! Sounds like THE PEOPLE are getting Ready for a Revolution or something!!! Huh—I wonder Why???

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I sometimes wonder if government pulls this crap just to drive gun prices up. It happened when they were pushing the 1994 “Assault Weapons” Ban, and again just after Obama’s first election. In fact, in late ’08 – early ’09 the entire stock of ARs quickly sold out, and were on back order.
    It turns out that government activity is the best possible advertisement for gun sales.

  • Mr Obama we the people are locked and loaded!

    • Jeff Rhodes

      YES we are and stocking up to. Turn on the TV and you’ll see. Thats why gun sales are up over 700%.

  • marineh2ominer

    Those ignorant buyback groups are making the arms industry EXTREMELY more wealthy and thus more powerful, plus improving the quality of all firearms in the hands of the people by picking up the trash that WERE guns but are now worn out and damaged . Thank you very much .

  • Jeff Rhodes

    Gee, I wonder why. Would it be because people are stocking up before the well runs dry? or preparing for something? I say both. I’m just glad I stocked up before this happened. My $10.50 per each PMAG looks real good right now in my closet. And my cases of 5.56 for under $300 each.

  • Terry_Jim

    David Gregory – Brownells’ Salesman Of The Year.

    • Spintz33

      Has David Gregory been ben charged yet for his violation of the law?

  • CaptTurbo

    The usurper is one hell of a gun salesman.

  • gmhunt

    I have been priced out of owning a gun

    • knowitall

      You better get your priorities straight and find something else to give up first,because without your gun,your others well be taken anyways . God Bless !!

  • Watchdogman

    Why the urgency? Congress would see the death knell of their existence if they foolishly tried to “infringe” up our rights to own guns…But should they do get something passed their home address would undoubtedly be published in the newspapers and of course the internet…..

  • Watchdogman

    Boycott Dick’s Sporting Goods…They ceased selling long guns and even reneged on orders already place prior to Sandy Hook…Surely they are a extreme left leaning group of non-thinkers…Ask every store you go to purchase sporting goods that also sells guns if they ceased/stopped the sale of guns…If they did why would you shop with them for anything? I wont!!!

  • gerf

    I just figured something out that I’ve been wondering on for several mo.s . The reason the govt. hoarded all that ammo they are going to try to put all the ammo manuf. out of business with taxes or what ever . they will have most of the ammo stashed for use on those who rebell !!

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