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Dueling data on gun crimes put new laws in crossfire

Congress is preparing for its first major debate on federal gun laws in nearly a decade, but first both sides will need to figure out whose facts to use.

In the wake of the deadly school shootings in Newtown, Conn., gun-control advocates point to figures that seem to show a correlation between stricter laws and lower crime and homicide rates. Pro-gun groups, though, say the data show just the opposite — that violence and crime drops where concealed-carry laws are allowed.

The press and the public are caught in the middle, searching for concrete conclusions that are tough to come by.

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  • Mark

    Someone get a clue,,, have an out side agency do a study of all data from both sides,,, I bet you will find that every known location that guns are band crime is up due to the criminals know they are safe no one has a gun. However every place that has conceal carry and a lot of the public have guns or guns are permitted ,, crime is down Please don’t take the NRA’s word nor the fear that the left wants you to believe that guns kill everyone. look up the facts they are there.

  • marineh2ominer

    There is NO dueling data , there is only the truth and the lies , and unfortunately for free Americans there is never any truth in any demonrat . The truth will ALWAYS bear out the numbers like the latest ones from Chicago , Chicago is now unarguably the most anti-gun city in the country and they have just went over their five hundredth murder this year , and of course the year is not over yet . No other city has even come close .


    i have been hearing much to my dismay that the school shooting in conn and the movie theater in colorado was set up by the bleeding heart liberals to get guns banned

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