Facebook becomes Big Brother, closes pro-gun accounts

Dec. 27, 2012, it has come to our attention that Facebook is purging accounts that show a leaning toward pro-gun rights, meaning the Second Amendment of the U. S. Constitution; as well as anything to do with pro-liberty information.

According to, Facebook is in the midst of a censorship purging that has been accelerating. According to the website, the purging of the pro-gun accounts is continuing with a great deal of fervor.

This is just one of the ways that the Bible tells us that things will begin to happen. However, we must keep in mind that the Bible (mainly) discusses the end time’s scenario as being government control of our lives.

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  • I USE FB, but not the way they’d like. It’s only as an acess name to be able to comment where otherwise I might be prevented from. And sooner or later they’ll ban me just like that useless Liberal mouthpiece Huffington Post. I NEVER use their links or do “business” with anything on there. Makes you wonder who the fools really are.

    • Ditto, that. Anyone who does business with FB, or Huffington Post for that matter, is shory 50 cards in their deck.

  • What is FB for? Gossip! Oh well. No impact here. It is our right to bear arms against enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.!!!!

  • ConservativeGrl

    If the sites I like on FB all start getting shut down, I’m deleting my account with them. I’ve already noticed all the damage Obamacare has done to my healthcare plan, higher prices and much less coverage. Now banning freedom of speech. Wonderful 🙁

  • marineh2ominer

    And NOW you know why I NEVER go to facebook to read or post , I intitially went on there just to feel it out and just as fast got off , they are nothing but scummy communist b–t–ds running it and ALL their participants are quite literally FOOLS .

  • fliteking

    Only a dammed fool would trust Facebook on any level.

    When expressing your political thoughts anywhere on the web always use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox and run CCleaner (free ) when done posting each day .. Big brother is watching – – – you.

    • GrandmaAmerica

      Thankyou fliteking for your info….

      • fliteking

        No prob. Have a Great New Year.

  • Jeff Rhodes

    I am sick and tired of these pro liberal sites like FB to demonize us. We are NOT the enemy here, I’m not a terrorist. I’m a God fearing and love my “Country” American. note, i said country, not government. I like my 2nd Amendment rights, along with my 1st amend and others. Who are these people to ban me from my rights? F’em. If they kick me off, then fine. They are not the only site out there

    • uzitiger

      Fecesbook founder is an Obama supporter so it doesn’t surprise me. His IPO of selling Facebook stock at an outrageous price shows what a filthy leftist swine he is. He also censored the SEALs who criticized the Obamanable Muslim before the elections.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    I want to know why Patriot Outdoor News won’t dump Facebook. I just saw on the home page, it says, find us on FACEBOOK. Facebook is in bed with OBummer just like Google. Which I will refrain from using pretty soon.

  • BobWire

    I just deleted my account.

  • James Fontana

    To bad the man in Wellsville NY that claimed to own 1/2 of Facebook was a known scam artist and lost his case. It would be good to see FB suffer defeat for a change. FB and Twitter are all part of the problems in this country.

  • Don’t use fb now I know why. would like to see his stock drop another $25.

  • Facebook was created by, is run by, and is owned by, nothing more than a bunch of weirdo arsehole socialist-liberal types. Or so I’m thinking. Frankly, I don’t particularly give a danm is they all go to Hell in a handbasket. Which most of them more than likely will.
    Or so I’M thinking.
    If ALL gun-owners in the US got OFF of FB and told all of those who advertise why, it’s possible they’d move on to other countries, because they wouldn’t have many here that would pay their own freight.

  • HorseTeethSam

    I quit FB a long time ago. Remember, folks, FB is a private commercial enterprise and can do as they please. We are always in danger of getting ourselves addicted to cultural fads and forgetting that we ourselves are free moral agents not under the control of any external entity.

  • OlGrouch

    I just got banned for 15 days for voicing my opinions for pro-gun and pro-choice. Guess it was too much for them.

  • Laughing

    Facebook is a government run system to monitor citizen’s actions and views. Your kidding yourself if you think it’s not backed by both parties of your government.

  • I just left that snot nosed moron Zuck a message on F-Book

    I should have said “go invent something REAL that PRODUCES SOMETHING”
    and is not just a waste of time for the participant, and SPAM for the Advertisers and
    an INVASION of PRIVACY for the participant.

    I will delete eventually, or just make myself a PITA for DumbZuck lol

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