Media bias and the NRA’s not-so-new idea to put ‘COPS in Schools’

The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) proposal last week to place armed police offers in schools has many problems, but the Left’s hysterical response to the idea, calling it everything from “offensive” and “insane” to a “dumb-ass idea,” is no more than another hypocritical and ignorant response from a media herd more interested in pushing a political agenda then honestly representing the truth.

Just as the media threw a tantrum after Hurricane Sandy about Mitt Romney’s year-old suggestion that federal disaster response responsibilities be transferred to localities and private industry (despite the overlooked fact that federal disaster response is already largely “privatized“) the media is in overdrive attempting to redefine the NRA’s not-so-new idea into a fringe position.

Largely unreported in the post-NRA press conference coverage is the fact that the federal government has been providing grants for local governments to place armed security in schools for more a decade.

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