Hollywood Keeps Fanning the Flames of the Archery Craze

I split my TV viewing time the other night between a prime-time network show and a DVD. Both had the same theme of bow-toting heroines in their determined quest of good over evil. In the movie Brave, the flaming redheaded princess Merida gallops through the Scottish forest on board her trusty mount Angus with bow in hand, striking the bullseye of every suspended target. In Revolution, Charlie and Miles use their crossbows and swords to rescue family members held prisoner by the militia. These are just two examples of Hollywood’s recent and continuing obsession with archery and bowhunting.

The trigger behind the targeted trend is the 2012 mega-smash Hunger Games. A young girl, 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, uses her bow to acquire game and survive a televised battle to the death in a broken nation. That movie is the first in a trilogy with additional releases planned in the coming years. (In fact, filming of the second installment, Catching Fire, is currently underway in Hawaii.)

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  • Blue

    I grew up in Archery Compettions, the same as pistol competitions at the local Rod and Gun Club….It has been going on long before Hollywood got involved…..

  • mogul264

    A series on the CW network (?), called. “Arrow”, apparently a re-write of the old Green Arrow comic books, is probably a result of this craze, also!

  • mesaman

    If disoriented crap can be offered to the public for financial gain, you can rest assured thatHollywood will be first in line. Right on their tails will be the premium channels like Tru, Travel, and Discovery. They are all entertainment pimps.

  • mary711

    You can bet when the first “arrow shooting” occurs Senator Diane Feinstein will have bill in hand to “outlaw” the bow and arrow… mary711

  • Duh, piggy-back greed cashing in. Just wait until someone is publicly killed by an arrow and the liberals start screaming to ban bows, since people don’t kill, bows do.

  • marineh2ominer

    I have a compound bow , I also have a crossbow , they are both great backups for my firearms . If ALL the intelligence in Hollywood and Washington could be concentrated down and converted to gun powder they wouldn’t have enough to blow their nose .

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