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A Letter to Senator Feinstein

2nd Amend.

A Letter to Senator Feinstein

The following letter to the senior senator from California comes from reader Dr. Vino:

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I am writing to you as a Californian, a father, a physician and a law-abiding responsible firearms owner. In light of recent tragic events and your response of proposing new federal firearms legislation, I felt strongly compelled to tell you two things . . .

While I do not support your efforts to ban certain firearms, as a member of a mental health team, I wish to bring your attention to some painfully glaring shortcomings in our country’s legislation pertaining to the liberties afforded to persons suffering from mental illness. The liberties I refer to, of course, are access to firearms and not any other . . .



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  • fliteking

    Great letter . . . but Feinstein can’t read.

  • Gungho


  • GDC

    I like most sensible people want to make sure those you could be a threat, a killer to NOT have access to firearms. Yet I have a BIG problem with WHO will be making the decision as to WHO is a threat! I have studied psychology for over 50 years and KNOW that at lease 99% of ALL Mental Health Professionals ARE IGNORANT, STUPID, INCOMPETENT, NEGLIGENT and SERIOUSLY MENTALLY SICK!!!

    I understand how that may seem to many people but think about this! What if every school taught something different. One school teaches that 2 + 2 = 4, then another teaches 2 + 2 = 5, yet another teaches 2 + 2 = 3, still another teaches 2 + 2 = 6, etc., etc…. How confused would things be? That IS exactly what is and has been happing in the Mental Health field. Every one of them believe something different. There are dozens may be hundreds of different therapies and yes Mental Health Professionals have a rationalization for each of them. In reality 2 + 2 ALWAYS equal 4 which means any different answer is incorrect.

    The same goes for mental health and just about any honest question. There is only ONE correct answer. Yet in the Mental Health Professions they have hundreds maybe thousands of different answers to the same question. The APA (American Psychiatric Association) will soon be releasing the DSM 5. There are many that digress with it and there were four (4) before it. So why does it keep changing??? Does the mental illness keep changing? Of course we learn more about the mental illness but that is NOT what is truly happening. The belief by those in power is the only thing that matters.

    In the 1970’s the APA took Homosexuality out of the DSM as a psychiatric disorder yet 59% of the members voted AGAINST it’s removal and their was ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that homosexuality was anything other than a Mental Illness!!! 40 years later there still is NO EVIDENCE that homosexuality is anything but a mental illness!!! Since the 1970’s more Homosexuals have become Mental Health Professionals and they are SERIOUSLY MENTALLY SICK!!!

    Psychological testing IS ALSO a scam. Even Ted Bundy was able to pass the MMPI yet he was a PSYCHOPATHIC RAPIST and MURDERER!!! How can that happen? One he studied psychology and the most important is that ALL psychological test are a PROJECTION of those that write them. Since those that write them are MENTALLY SICK the test can NOT be valid!!!

    So the question IS does ANYONE really want those in the Mental Health Profession to make the decision as to WHO can or can NOT own firearms??? I sure a HELL do NOT!!! NOR do I want ANY POLITICIAN to make that decision either!!!

  • CaptTurbo

    The letter should begin like the old SNL skits: “Jane (Diane) you ignorant slut” …

  • scotty12

    She wants to buy back all of the guns. Get about 20 airsoft M-4s and sell them to her for 2000.00 each. She won’t know the difference

    • Garrey McVicker

      now we have a real proublem, they dis-arm us and obama has got 1.5 trillion rounds of ammo, for his brown shirts. so, what is the next move on his, keep a watch ful eye on this nut .

  • 2War Abn Vet

    You can forget it! Nothing is closed quite as tightly as the liberal/socialist mind.

  • M.J. Nellett

    Feinstein wants you to give up your gun, but she wants to keep hers…HYPOCRITE!

  • mickey

    Senator Feinstein, is a misguided angry woman, who is thinking like a woman first. There should be NO government action involved in gun control by anyone in the U.S., or elsewhere. Obama is protected by guns, and his daughters are ptotected by gun(11 at the school they attend)? Isn’t that ridiculous? What makes their lives any more endearing than anybody elses? Yes security should be involved at schools, there are way too many nuts around. I think that upon schools starting their daily sessions, that all entryway doors should be locked, with security available by the National Guard( not the police), first and foremost that is supposed to be their job, to protect the immediate homeland, not fighting, for no gain in all MUSLIM countries(which Obama loves more than the U.S.). I also believe that gun owners who don’t lock their guns at home should be reprimanded, & responsible for the use of their guns in any crimes committed. As another possibility, the gun manufacturers should fingerprint the owner of the gun, so that it can only be fired by that person, there is a lot of new technology around, but our government wants complete control over it’s citizens, and the only way to do it, is by disarming the citizens, the government is a little scared of armed citizens. I see nothing wrong with a 20 round clip, but I do see wrong with a 50/100 round clip.

  • Lenny Ferraro

    Restore the mental health system Regan cut in 1985! Register ALL mentals on the felon database so law enforcement can identify them when they act up! My god their running down preschools in Clownifornia,shooting up schools, movie theaters or stabbing homeless people in serial acts. ENOUGH! Get the mentals in order and stop blaming the people of America! These mentals run the streets showing signs for months and we die and then you finally put them in a prison! Thanks idiots!

  • Garrey McVicker

    i agree with everyone here. ive with friends who talk to them, they get half hr. one asked me what do i think, try to tell them and didnt wont to here it. there good for all kinds of pills. tell them a lie and they belive it. childern as yound as2 gets it. says let them draw a picture, and they will interpet it. finestine is a whake job, i agree it shought be retirement for three quarts of the nuts in washington.

  • Watchdogman

    The idiots in her district must love the bitch…I for one do not understand why anyone would want a dictator in their midst>

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