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When Evil Attacks You Are The First Responder

As the gun control debate rages on, we constantly hear from those on the Pro Victimhood Side that the “you don’t need to have a gun, the police are the trained professionals and will protect you “.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m not just a columnist for Ammoland, or just another activist for the Second Amendment, I’m also a Fire / Rescue “first responder” with over a decade of service to my community. I know from first hand experience that the phrase “first responder” is a misnomer, an inaccurate label that has been twisted completely out of context.

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  • Sandra Lee Smith

    That’s exactly true; I used to serve with an ambulance years ago; and the same thing was as true THEN as now! We had a “response time ” TO the ambulance itself {as volunteers we also had “day jobs”} of 5 minutes, PLUS whatever time it took us to reach the scene which could BE awhile in some cases, although usually fire and police were somewhat nearer and on scene at our more distant areas, within our territory, when we arrived. So if you’re ON the scene when or seconds after, an incident goes down, that makes YOU the “first responder”! The rest will be along later. Take to heart the ads that say “when seconds count, cops are just minutes away”. That’s the absolute truth!

  • Idadho

    It would be great to be able to read “The rest of the Story.” The link is incomplete.

  • CaptTurbo

    Evil attacked our White House and CONgress. The voters were to be the first responders but I suppose they were overwhelmed with the vote fraud.

  • We live in a sick world and they blame it on guns

    • jerry sweet

      oh they are the true sick ones.but the real deadly illness is coming, if the feds win.all the libs get to die.under the bus by obama applies here.

  • jerry sweet

    as a former leo ,i can attest to the same truth.we always came to clean up the mess.

  • Police always shows up after the carnage.

  • Police and fire fighters would like to be the First Responders but they are always there after the carnage. The first reponders are the Teachers. That’s the reason they need to be armed .

  • namvet

    I was a “First Responder” not so long
    ago and I must admit we…the “Fire Department and Fire Police”

    were always there first…AFTER a dozen or so of the Non-Police Public…they
    were always there first. Not too long ago in DC a judge ruled that the police
    were not obligated to respond and protect anyone. If that’s the way it is how
    can anyone expect police will protect them let alone respond at all if you need

    help? The fact is we are responsible for our own wellbeing not the politicians,
    police or Gun Control Junkies. When we are being robbed, raped, savaged,
    bludgeoned and murdered the politicians that are pushing this “Feel Good
    BS” down the public’s throats are sleeping peacefully in their protected
    beds with their 357’s under their pillows. How many of those “Doo
    Goobers” plan on submitting to any laws they plan on forcing us to obey.
    Think about it….they don’t even live on Social Security when they
    retire…they have feathered their own nests at our expense and don’t have any
    plans to give up their body guards, guns, rifles or retirement plan any time
    soon. They are set for life….AT OUR EXPENSE and our guns will belong to them so
    they can shoot us if we dare assume we are free.

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