New York Crossbow Issue Stinks Like a Gutpile

Throughout the country where arguments rage about state wildlife agencies allowing crossbows for deer hunting, the same tired debates continue to stink like gutpiles in the sun.

Crossbows have been around for hundreds of years. They’re powerful. They kill deer. They’re a tool to be used like a firearm, a compound bow, a recurve bow, a stick bow. Properly used and with practice, hunters can effectively kill game animals with them with efficiency.

Crossbows were for the longest pretty much considered the weapon of “crippled” or “handicapped” hunters. State wildlife agencies required hunters with debilitating physical problems, amputations or other medical issues who could not use a compound or recurve (or firearm) to obtain a written explanation from a physician and meet specific criteria, such as “X percentage” of bodily disability.

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