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The Truth about Point Shooting

You’ve heard the point shooting debate and debacle before, and this piece follows that tradition. However, instead of debating the merits or dangers in practicing this shooting technique in anticipation of a lethal encounter, this article aims to look at the simple realities of point shooting: the dos and the don’ts along with the whys and why nots and in particular few point shooting (a.k.a. natural or instinctive shooting) axioms worth remembering. First:
Distance matters

If your target/threat is within 3 yards, there’s a good chance a point and shoot method is the best method. In fact, compressed or close-in weapon retention-style techniques don’t even have the shooter use the sights at all. When it comes to shooting a target/threat at a farther distance, point shootings success rate starts to fall off the farther you get until it eventually the technique becomes worthless at consistently hitting a mark.

This is a relative point though because the distance where that success rate starts to fall off is dependent on your proficiency as a shooter. This underlines the fact that though distance matters when it comes to point shooting, point shooting’s effectiveness isn’t governed by distance since there are other things to consider as well, like accuracy.

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  • jerry sweet

    until semi auto’s became the choice of carry for leo’s, revolvers were the main duty weapons.point and shoot was taught even by FBI.for decades point and shoot was as common as eggs are for breakfast.then police dept.’s decide to play like they are military and we end up with spray and a former LEO.and a Navy vet,the reason for laying down or spraying lead is for two reasons.1 to lay down cover fire so men can retreat to a better advantage point or advance and 2 to lay down heavy fire if the enemy charges in all tests i have seen most every cop today who uses this method MISS their targets under stress i don’t buy your assessment of non point shooting.i have been into guns most of my 65 years,with leo’s thru out my family.(all retired).Pull,point&drill target up to and including 15 yards,was common!

  • jerry sweet

    i also addressed the accuracy point to.we were taught,if possible one shot one kill.we did not have 17 round all older lawmen as well as outlaws and you will see point and shoot was common.taking time to aim in a sudden attack could/would get you killed.just like every thing else in America ,what worked for 150 years doesn’t seem to apply any more.there is a time for aiming and then again not to.look at the greats like Ed MacGivern of Montana,Bill Oglesby of Idaho gunsmith.exhibition shooters,for decades could point and shoot with ease.

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