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Gun-Rights Q & A with a Liberal

Posted on: December 22nd, 2012

Q: Shouldn’t we ban assault weapons?
A: All weapons are “assault” weapons and almost anything can be a weapon. By this statement, I take it that you’re in favor of banning high-heeled shoes, pillows, knives, guns, hockey sticks, baseball bats, coasters, automobiles, tools, furniture, some varieties of plants, laundry detergent, wasp spray, wine bottles, etc…

Q: Okay, well, why not just assault rifles?
A: There is no such thing as an assault rifle. Guns come in two varieties: automatic and semi-automatic. You can read here where Dana Loesch schools libs on the differences, and since most people here know guns, I won’t bore you with an extensive definition.

Q: But do you really need a high capacity magazine or a shotgun with a pistol grip?
A: I don’t know, do you really “need” a car? Do you really “need” a boat? Cars kill a lot more people than guns, and you have no Constitutional right to own a car.

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  • Jim Dolven

    “Guns come in two varieties: automatic and semi-automatic.” I keep running across this statement lately. It’s bunkum. There’s also bolt action, lever action, pump, single shot, revolvers…


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