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Armed Citizen Saves Cop’s Life

Sgt. Steven Means of the Early Police Department in Texas, is one law enforcement officer that is thankful for the Second Amendment right for citizens to bear arms.

Early is a small community in central Texas with a population of just under 3,000. Back in August of this year, several residents of the Peach House RV Park got into a squabble. Seems one of the residents, 58 year old Charles Conner took issue to his neighbors’ dogs doing their business in his yard.

On that hot summer day, Conner got into an argument with 58 year old David House, one of the dog owners. Conner eventually left the argument and went to his RV only to return with a gun that he used to shoot House dead with. Hearing the gun shots, the other dog owner, 53 year old Valentina Calaci ran from her RV screaming. That’s when Conner turned and shot her dead also.

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