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NRA chief urges armed guards in ‘every single school

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre on Friday dismissed calls for increased gun control in response to the Connecticut school shooting, calling instead for Congress to support a plan putting armed police officers in “every single school” in America.

In an impassioned speech, marking the NRA’s first in-depth public comments since the Newtown tragedy, LaPierre pointed the finger not at gun proliferation but violent video games, the media and the absence of armed guards at schools.

He argued that if banks and members of Congress can have protection, schools across America should be afforded the same security.

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  • how many city, state, and federal offices do people go into that have NO security, no armed guards, no nothing,…….not many, what makes these people so special they deserve guards, yet the kids dont?, and that it’s just so much easier to deny others a right to own a gun they want,…..America spends 10 times more helping muslims nation rebuild it’s mosques and foreign aid to muslims nations who HATE us…..than it would take to send police to schools, we have them in many colleges now, why cant we have them in regular schools ?……..why are the lives of city state and federal employees worth more than the kids ?

    • fliteking

      Yes, very good.

  • Rickey

    That sounds like a good idea to me, or possibly professional armed guards. But wait……if the police are used…..it would probably take twenty minutes for their supervisor to ok them to take action, then another twenty minutes for them to get back from the coffee/donut shop. then another five minutes to get their firearms loaded.
    I’m sorry…I’m jusy used to the government and police force taking their good easy time to any emergency response. It is probably not the military or the police officers, but rather their higher officers and so called leaders.

  • rj

    Personally I believe he should have offered free or low fee training to any teacher, Principal or other qualified personel in school systems across the country. The NRA has the personel in each state to achieve this though it would take time. I truly believe there are already people in place that would be willing to begin ASAP. They are already in place, don’t require additional salary, etc. If only one security officer is used guess who would be any idiots first target. Then your back to square one. If teachers carry, which ones? How many? Just a thought.

  • James Fontana

    It doesn’t have to be an armed guard just a staff member armed and trained to protect the students. Perhaps more than one as a lot of schools have more than one floor and several doors.

  • Niggishzidda

    What good is this going to do? Right here in the Myrtle Beach area a 16 year old Aspeger brought into school his WWI bayonet his father bought and began stabbing the SRO. police officer. It finally came to the young boy being killed. Guess what the dippy parents sued the Police Dept, School system and this police officer. They just settled out of court about 2 weeks before CT happened. Parents are getting a large sum of money. Fox began the coverage when it began then quickly stopped …so what happened. The officer by investigation was found innocent when a suicide note on this kids computer was located. So be prepared for idiot parents that think their kids do no wrong.

    • ConservativeGrl

      President’s daughters have 11 armed guards at their school. That’s 11 guards for two girls paid at our expense. Besides, I think the shooters were all a set up as part of the government’s plan to disarm us in order to globalize the US. Look up Alex Jone’s Info Wars online.

  • ConservativeGrl

    I signed the White House (or as I call it the anti-WH) petition asking them to consider NRA’s stance and solution of placing armed guards outside our schools. If nasty BO’s daughters have 11 armed guards at their school, our children deserve protection too!

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