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Bowhunting Coyotes

Posted on: December 20th, 2012

So, bow season is quickly coming to a close and you are looking for a challenge; something to keep your senses razor-sharp in the off-season, something to test your skills as a hunter. Well, look no further than coyote hunting. If you think the task is easy, you’re only kidding yourself. Without a doubt, these predators are some of the most difficult to kill (especially with a bow), but trust me it can be done. Here’s how.


Whether you’re chasing whitetails, turkeys or coyotes, there is simply no substitute for scouting. “Scouting” for coyotes sounds fairly difficult and more like an easy way to empty a gas tank without reward than anything else. However, it will most definitely make your hunting time more successful when chasing these elusive creatures. Unlike scouting for deer, turkeys or birds you typically aren’t looking for the actual animal when coyotes are the target. Spotting an evasive coyote is a plus, but there are a multitude of other things to look for that will help improve your hunt. Depending on where you are planning to bowhunt coyotes, it’s nice to know where ranchers place their dead livestock. These areas will generally have coyotes in the vicinity for months; even if it seems like the carcass is nothing more than a scantily dressed pile of bones.

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