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News Anchors, Reporters, and Commentators, over the past few days have spread the epidemic of stupid with their language and gun talk that clearly demonstrates most of them have scant knowledge on the subject of firearms.
I have listened to news people, who are PAID TO DELIVER FACTUAL INFORMATION TO THEIR VIEWERS, consistently refer to the AR 15 as a “HEAVY WEAPON… AN ASSAULT RIFLE”… An AUTOMATIC RIFLE… A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.. Bill O’Reilly even questioned how Nancy Lanza could have legally acquired such a heavy weapon in a state with such strict gun control laws.

It is one thing to not have knowledge on a given subject yet earnestly seek it. That is commendable.
It is another to act and speak on that subject as if you are knowledgable, using wrong terminology with the intent to sensationalize or push a personal agenda.

My AR is not an assault rifle.
It is not an assault weapon.
It will never be used to criminally assault anyone.
My AR will only be used for defensive and sporting purposes.
It is simply a modern musket.



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  • pduffy

    My 30.06 Springfield, which was used in both world wars, would cream your AR15 in destructive power. Funny how that it’s rarely mentioned as an ‘assault weapon’, but WW2 historians have written that it’s superior power and killing ability was the reason for Hitler losing the war.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    I wouldn’t consider my M-1 Garand an assault weapon but it does put the AR-15 to shame in both range and accuracy. i watch O’Reilly every night and I agree that he is completely in over his head when he talks about ‘heavy weapons’, ‘assault weapons’ and/or ‘automatic weapons’. He has obviously never worn a uniform, hunted or had anything to do with firearms. People like him, Feinstein and Durbin are very dangerous because some people actually believe their babble.

    • John Brashear

      Bob, you are comparing apples and oranges, an AR is a Carbine, a Garand is not, it is a Rifle, and was made for long range shots, it shoots a much more potent round 30-06, and has much better accuracy, vs the .223 round in the AR… real comparison between the two except both would be considered an “Assault” weapon by the leftist

      • Rattlerjake

        Fact is that ANYTHING used to assault another person is an ASSAULT WEAPON. So all you media nuts, when I beat that mugger to death with a brick, let’s get it right, it’s an ASSAULT BRICK!!!!!!!

        • waterman

          Hey, I want one (assault brick) where do I get it, do they have to do a criminal background check, can you buy holsters for one………… Just kidding, but if we continue to let the politicians continue to take our freedoms we will be just like those in Syria and other third world countries where all they have are “bricks” or rocks to defend themselves.

        • Sawman

          Please make sure the brick isn’t black or dark gray, doesn’t have finger grooves, and weighs under 30oz. You would be in possession of a dreaded tactical assault brick. That’s all the reason needed for the libby’s to come and dismantle my house. Of course they can bend over and grab their ankles while I give each to them one at a time, pointed end first.

  • Buckhuntr

    I agree. These people don’t have a clue, hell they don’t even understand the terminology. O’Reilly’s constant referal of an AR-15 as a “heavy weapon” just shows his ignorance on the subject. He doesn’t understand ballistics, or any of the physics involved in shooting. We must remember that he has an Ivy League education. He has a bully pulpit because his position at Fox News. Feinstein, Durbin and Schumer are just Progressive Democrat Elitists!!

    • John Brashear

      O”Reilly is a libertarian, which explains some of his ignorance

      • Rattlerjake

        Being Libertarian, really has nothing to do with hisss ignorance. Hisss ignorance is due to not knowing the correct use of our vocabulary. This is much like the media always calls an automobile crash and accident, when 99% of the time it was someones fault, whether deliberate or from not paying attention. Soldiers do not call any weapon an assault weapon, they call it what it is: squad automatic weapon, handgun, heavy or light machinegun, sniper rifle, etc. These media civilians want people to think they have intelligence, but that’s (intelligent media) an oxymoron.

      • $23457885

        O’Reilly is a registered democratic and has stated numerous times on his show that he has never voted for a Republican. His background should give one a hint to his political leanings, even if he never mentioned how he votes. He was schooled by Jesuits, and he passiontly supports their left-wing politics. O’Reilly on many occasions explains he only belives in the Red Letters in the Bible, that all other scripture is untrue or made up, will not allow any guests to quote scripture (of course he will if it supports his point of view).

  • Stephen N Russell

    That homeys AK47 is an Assult rifle or that other rifle from the Zeta gangs etc in Mexico.
    NOT my M16 or AR 17.

  • John Brashear

    the use of “Automatic” weapons is also ridiculous, an Automatic weapon is a class three Machine gun, which are legal, but thats after an ATF and FBI background checks are passed and they cough up a $200.00 transfer tax stamp…….

  • Jay

    O’Reilly is not afraid to show his ignorance on a number of subjects.

  • uzitiger

    Assault rifles have full auto capability and the AR-15 is semi auto only. The ‘assault rifle’ term was coined by the accursed Hitler when he was presented with an MP-43. No wonder the anti gun Nazi emulators want to disarm us the way the Nazis and Soviets did.

  • Devilrider

    These idiot liberals do not know their rectum to a freshly dug hole in the ground. Neither do they know the difference between a single-shot .22 caliber plinker and an M-14, .308. They are just stupid politicians.

  • Harleyman33 “Vietnam 66&67”

    I will stick to my 18″ 12Gage Gas operated with 2.5″, 5-1 shots. just load the Slugs and you have a short range legal Killer weapon

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