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Obama on fiscal cliff: If this shooting has done anything, it should give us some perspective on what’s important

Like I told you yesterday, the big gun-control push isn’t really about gun control. He knows he has no chance of getting anything but the most modest new regulations through the House, and even that’s unlikely. This is about maximizing his leverage against Republicans on other issues by framing them, as usual, as people who just don’t care enough about Americans generally and children in particular.

So here he is at today’s presser announcing the latest bureaucratic bulwark against gun violence, casually wondering how the GOP can be so obstinate and narrow-minded as to stick to their principles At A Time Like This.

OBAMA: There is no doubt that, you know, the speaker has challenges in his caucus, and I recognize that. I’m often reminded when I speak to the Republican leadership that the majority of their caucus’s membership come from districts that I lost. And so, sometimes they may not see an incentive in cooperating with me in part because they’re more concerned about challenges from a tea party candidate or challenges from the right. And, you know, cooperating with me may make them vulnerable.

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