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Obama on fiscal cliff: If this shooting has done anything, it should give us some perspective on what’s important

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Obama on fiscal cliff: If this shooting has done anything, it should give us some perspective on what’s important

Like I told you yesterday, the big gun-control push isn’t really about gun control. He knows he has no chance of getting anything but the most modest new regulations through the House, and even that’s unlikely. This is about maximizing his leverage against Republicans on other issues by framing them, as usual, as people who just don’t care enough about Americans generally and children in particular.

So here he is at today’s presser announcing the latest bureaucratic bulwark against gun violence, casually wondering how the GOP can be so obstinate and narrow-minded as to stick to their principles At A Time Like This.

OBAMA: There is no doubt that, you know, the speaker has challenges in his caucus, and I recognize that. I’m often reminded when I speak to the Republican leadership that the majority of their caucus’s membership come from districts that I lost. And so, sometimes they may not see an incentive in cooperating with me in part because they’re more concerned about challenges from a tea party candidate or challenges from the right. And, you know, cooperating with me may make them vulnerable.



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  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Antichrist m0r0n-in-chief


    but maybe we can push the communist off the cliff. he will destroy himself;; question is how long and how many Americans IS IT GOING TO COST; he is essentially a lameducker.

  • seb27

    Why has this not been public ?
    Obama told Illionois when he ran for the senate where he was born. embedded
    I sent this to my reps in congress and never heard from them,
    If everyone would send to thier reps. maybe some one will listen

  • StLucie

    It’s always about him. The Narcissistic 0.

    • MadPunter1963

      That was exactly my first thought as well. It couldn’t possibly be because people have conflicting ideas on how to solve a problem; it must be just the automatic nay-saying of all things Obama. I”m surprised so much ego fits in one person.

  • $13614178

    Obamass is a huge piece of s–t , the reason he is in office was by a HUGE conspiracy between the American communists , socialists , and other America haters through the cover-up of the real Obamass and the stark complicity of the mainstream media , which they own . This conspiracy could have gotten anyone they wanted in that office but chose someone with whom they could use the race card when his incompetency and unconstitutional actions were questioned . He has absolutely ZERO redeeming qualities , or power , his masters fail to give him .

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government,ovomit how would you know whats important,for 4 years you have done nothing but go golfing and vacations,you ignored a georgia supreme court subpoena{treason/felony}you have not proven your eligible to be in office you did nting about the wrongfully murders of brian terry,and illegal guns going to the mexican drug cartel,your ovomitcare is a tax,thats unconstitituional,you lied about the bengazi attack,saying it was due to a video,thats a lie,it was a terrorists attack,but all of a sudden because you want to take away our 2nd amendment you come out in public,where were you for 4 yrs,you have done nothing but divide our country,and promote racial hate crimes.and voter fraud,for thats the only way you could have won,by voter fraud,and illegalls voting for you 5 or 6 times each.we the people do not reconize you are an ineligible treasonous traitor.good bless the real president romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all legal american veternas/citiziens.god blelss america

  • Nikita63

    My perspective on what is important was never impacted by the tragedy in Newtown. It is most important that we strive by all means possible to rid ourselves of a fraudulent administration composed of politicians in BOPTH parties who seek to crush our constitutioinal Republic and all individual freedoms. THAT is the most important thing we can accomplish. If not, we lose freedom, the right to choose and the furture ofd our children who are even now being indoctrinateds as good little socialists in the school systems. IT MUST BE STOPPED.

  • CaptTurbo

    It sure has. It has taught me that we must badger our useless elected idiots to impeach the Muslim usurper before he destroys America altogether.

  • Tank

    Absolutely it should put what’s important into perspective. Saving our country from all these crazies in D.C. should be priority 1!

  • dad666

    His usual BS isn’t working and he knows it so he is trying to manipulate the Blame.
    Tell him to kiss off

  • James Fontana

    This shooting has caused a distraction that Obama will use to sneak something by us like higher taxes for all.

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