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Obama set January deadline for gun proposals

Spurred by a horrific elementary school shooting, President Barack Obama tasked his administration Wednesday with creating concrete proposals to reduce gun violence that has plagued the country.

“This time, the words need to lead to action,” said Obama, who set a January deadline for the recommendations. He vowed to push for their implementation without delay.

The president, who exerted little political capital on gun control during his first term, also pressed Congress to reinstate an assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004. He also called for stricter background checks for people who seek to purchase weapons and limited high capacity clips.

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  • JIM


    • CrustyOldGeezer

      a rock.

    • Get Real

      Assault weapon; any implement used to assault someone!
      (could be a butter knife or a mustard jar)

  • Rattlerjake

    These politicians don’t have a problem disarming the citizens because they have armed protection.

    • Get Real

      They are not going to be able to get enough protection if they try to round up guns & magazines!

  • gdoggerz

    Wonder why DHS is buying so much ammo. Anyone else see that?

  • Steve

    Sounds lika good deadline for odumbo to haul his ass back to kenya

  • ralphwylie

    So far the NRA’s proposal is the best, but there is no way Obama would ever ever implement it when he is can use the Newtown murders to disarm the American public. That has been his intentions all along. Fast and Furious is an example. Watch for his next Executive Order to nullify the Second Amendment.

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