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Dick’s Sporting Goods Has Suspended Rifle Sales At All Stores


Dick’s Sporting Goods Has Suspended Rifle Sales At All Stores

Dick’s Sporting Goods has suspended modern rifle sales at all of its stores nationwide, due to the horrific elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT.

The retailer is also removing all guns from its displays at its location near Newtown.

Dick’s is based in Pittsburgh and has more than 500 stores in 44 states.



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  • Get Real

    …….what a bunch of Dick’s

    • Rattlerjake

      This won’t hurt their business though. They still sell exactly what All liberals need – RUNNING SHOES.

      (for those with diminished capacity it means they run from thugs and criminals)

  • medivac

    I smell boycott in the air !!

    • sn

      Guess I’ll go to WalMart, Sear or other stores. And there are still lots of sporting good stores as well. Guns don’t kill; Sick People Kill! Lay a loaded gun on table and it will NEVER kill until a person picks it up, aims and pulls the trigger (after releasing the safety).

  • armydadtexas

    Well then, let us all help DICK out of business. Buy nothing else from them either. Yo’ you DICKS at DICKS you are committing business suicide. And WE, the AMERICAN Gun owners are going to assist you. Bottom line, if you don’t have a pair, you don’t need to be selling Guns to begin with.

  • pduffy

    That’s the last time I will shop at Dick’s. They are certainly going lose a lot of business in Texas.

  • Carriersailor

    In our town Dick’s has never sold firearms never !

  • $13614178

    They will never see this customer again !

  • $5708171

    Well… good for them – I’ve never bought anything from them before and I sure as heck won’t buy from them now – bunch of politically-correct idiots.

  • John W.H.

    I was in dicks sporting goods just a couple of weeks ago looking at a bolt action rifle; but they didn’t have in in the caliber I was looking for, I told the salesman, that I would be back after the first of the year to see if they had the one I wanted, after reading this article, they just lost my business. I am glad I waited now.

  • Darius the Mede

    Well, there goes any business I will ever do with Dick’s Sporting Goods. Shame on them for caving to the liberal left. It wasn’t the gun’s fault that those kids and teachers got killed. It was aberrant behavior by a young man who was mentally speaking, one bulb short of a full string. If we accept that this tragedy was the gun’s fault, then we need to restrict car useage, outlaw knives, baseball bats, even hands for all of these have been used to murder others.

  • notax1776

    Will never shop at dick’s.

  • mathis1689

    The closest one to me is a good 30 minutes drive one way. Now I have another good reason to never go there.

  • Sarah Conner

    another place I was considering buying from along with ctd… not anymore…bunch of pansies…see ya,wouldn’t want to be ya…

  • Guest

    Have done my last shopping at Dick’s.. I’ve just destroyed my Dick’s card. Let them make it peddling ping pong balls to the libs. I purchased all of my golf, fishing, hunting, archery, and camping gear from them… Not a small amount. But that is at an end.
    Let’s see how they do when the regular outdoors people stop buying from them. The libs won’t make it up since they have a hard time getting across the street without help.

  • nonstopca

    I’ll never walk in their doors again…..What a bunch of pussys…..grow a dick, Dick’s

    • a

      I guess we should buy cars. They kill LOTS of people; young and old! Next it will be Bows/Arrows, sling shots and maybe even fishing equipment (those hooks hurt and kill if they get infected)..

  • reggiec

    Bye Dicks

  • fliteking

    I’ll never buy jackŜhiŤ at Dink’s again..

  • rikker45

    I quit shopping dicks when they bowed to the anti gun lobby and suspended sales of handguns. Haven’t been back for 10 years.

  • richard

    Ok Dick’s is a yankee ompany that obtained a store in Arlington, TX, lookslike they will have to sell skateboards to pimple face kids, I used to shop them when I lived in Maryland, but that is over now.


    I just took back all purchases I made for Christmas and got a refund. Never shop there again!

  • Buford

    Well limp Dick can just go lump it. Liberals shouldn’t buy guns -or- be in the gun selling business. Leave that to responsible citizens.

  • Jay

    Attention: Dick’s has just announced they are changing their name to Dickless.

  • James Fontana

    That’s it no more shopping at Dicks. It is narrow minded people lioke those running Dicks that can’t see the truth. A well armed citzenery will be safe and crime free.

  • conservative

    Dick’s just built a brand new store near me. Just changed my mind about checking it out.

  • Buckhuntr

    I live in west central Indiana. We had a outstanding retail outlet, Galyans, who were bought out by Dicks because, as Galyans grew into a major player, Dicks couldn’t compete with Galyans. Once the take over was complete, the best outdoor retail outlet in this region was gone. Dick’s gutted the outdoor departments, hunting fishing and camping, reducing inventory nearly 80%. I could no longer purchase the materials I relied on to support my passion for the outdoors. I never walked into another Dicks store after that. I now rely on the online retailers and local gunshops for my outdoor needs. Dicks Sporting Goods sucked then and continue to suck today!! Wouldn’t break my heart if they went bankrupt. i wouldn’t miss them!!

  • Stephen N Russell

    & losing revenue BIG Time.

  • Shadow_58

    Scratch DICK’S off my list of stores to visit or buy. Hope these cowards go belly-up.

  • nonstopca

    Simple for me….I’ll never walk into a Dick’s again…(I hunt, fish and balk pack, and have many many friend, that do the same, they will listen to me)……

  • john goult

    Limp Dick’s! Won’t be getting any of my $$$$$$$ What are they going to sale T shirts to pussys? Running shoes to vegans?

  • Vic Bailey

    They will NEVER see me in their store again! They are part of the problem in helping this Socialist Government spread their Propaganda Lies about guns, maybe the crooks will start robing them since the guns are gone! They are selling out the people for a Socialist Government that will overtax and likely run them out of business! You can’t fix stupid! Semper Fi.

  • William Mdcannold Jr.

    The “action” taken by Dicks’ is easily categorized as either sales oriented or liability. By taking the stance of removing “modern” rifles from shelves, management (ownership) hopes to parlay the move into appearing as the good-guy – thus buffering impact on overall sales. Or – (they) have been advised by council to make the move pending potential liability action(s). I would choose the former. The bottom line is almost always the chosen reason for corporate decisions. I have purchased from Dicks’. They can kiss my business goodbye as I moon ’em! Advise others to drop ’em. Wonder whether they considered the loss of business they would suffer by their knee-jerk decision?

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